JBL J55 On-ear Headphones

JBL J55 On-ear Headphones

The JBL J55 headphones make a great portable headphone for listening to music and movies when you want to keep the sound to yourself.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  4/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  4.5/5 Stars

JBL J55 On-ear Headphones

The JBL J55 headphones are a smaller sized on-ear headset that has a few unique features including rotating ear pieces and a removable cable. The JBL J55 has two 1 5/8 inch premium drivers for great quality sound and a 4 foot cable to connect to your devices.

The 3.5 mm cable has both the head phone audio and the microphone on the same connection but it can be sued in both regular audio and combined audio devices. Each ear piece can rotate 180 degrees for either storage or for using one of the ear pieces in what they call DJ style with only one of the ear pieces on.

Whats in the Box

Bass is nicely deep while high notes and mids are clear and sound great even when listening to a variety of music and movies. The JBL J55 comes in black, white and combined orange and white for a good variety of colors while the carry case is black.

The J55 comes with the headset and a carry pouch along with the detachable cable that connects to the headset with a locking end that also has a microphone and inline volume control. The J55 headphones work well for both listening to music as well as communication like gaming and for general voice over IP.

JBL J55 w/ Carry Case

The inline microphone and volume control is about four inches from the connection to the headphones and works pretty well but at times the sound is not quite as good probably due to positioning of the microphone. The microphone uses a small hole in one side of the small control so you need to make sure this hole is out away from you for best reception of the microphone.

The volume controls work well and the head set has a clarity and quality that is up to the JBL standards but this does have smaller sized ear pieces. I prefer my headsets to have plenty of room over my ears but the JBL set does sound great and is plenty comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Ear Piece JBL J55

I have used the headset plenty for gaming and the sound quality is excellent along with great voice for in game chatting and communication. The JBL J55 makes a great all around headset for both computers and for regular music connected to an MP3 player or a tablet.

I have done a little experimenting with the JBL J55 and a program from Razer that allows surround sound in any headset and this also sounds fantastic. Razer has released a program for Windows 7 and Windows 8 that changes a stereo headphone into a surround sound headphone.

j55 connection

Surround sound on the JBL J55 sounds fantastic and gaming is that much better with it as it really does help with hearing where people are at in first person shooters. 7.1 surround sound does help in gaming but for most movies 5.1 is plenty and with the Razer Surround Sound program you get as many speakers as the movie or game will let you.

7.1 movies are interesting but I really don’t know if all those speakers are necessary but 5.1 is just right for both gaming and movies. The JBL J55 did great with the Razer program which is free from Razer, I have a link to the free surround sound program below.

The JBL J55 on-ear headset is a great sounding headset and comfortable enough even though the ear pieces are small but they fit. I highly recommend the JBL J55 for exceptional sound and good audio using the inline microphone and volume control that works very well even without the surround sound.

J55 @ JBL

Razer Surround Sound for Windows

Comfortable on-ear headset with excellent quality
Inline microphone works well
Cable locks onto headset
Earpieces rotate for storage and to use one earpiece DJ style

3.5mm connection has microphone and stereo audio on same tip

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