Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Blu-ray Review

 Iron Man 3 Blu-ray Review

Tony Stark is back with plenty of suits and comedy with in Iron Man 3 but the suits are not the main feature here as the action is the main feature.

Film making 4/5
Video 5/5
Audio 5/5
Bonus Features 3/5

Recommendation 5/5 Stars

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 returns after the alien invasion of The Avengers with Tony Stark played by Robert Downy Jr. having panic attacks. Yes, the hero is having problems coping with the past and what can happen in the future while trying to improve his suits.

Iron Man 3 is a contradiction in many things and one of them is the advancement of suit technology while working toward not needing to be in a suit at all. Tony Stark looks back at a pivotal moment in his past that creates a bad guy when he ignores a budding scientist who has a new invention.

Robert Downey Jr. starts the movie talking about the demons he creates and the movie is all about that creation in an adversary. Iron Man has always been a loner but his loved ones are an important part of his life and one weakness that his enemies can exploit.

Iron Man 3 has a great story line but I feel the more human side that they show for Tony Stark is a welcome look at a superhero who is, after all, only human. There are many times when humor is at the forefront of Iron Man 3 and the laughs just keep coming throughout the film along with the action.

Iron Man 3 looks at some of the problems that being a super hero entails along with building both heroes and villains but mixed with plenty of reality. The plot of the film follows Tony trying to find out who is the terrorist The Mandarin but the outcome is not expected at all.

Tony finds out that the suits are not what make him Iron Man but his heroism and what he does with the suits makes the difference. Iron Man 3 has lots going for it with good acting and excellent plot but problems creep in as well like the excessive use of product placement.

It’s the little things that really make the film worthwhile like the suit that he is so proud of when the first pieces fly to him and form around his arms. Just when he thinks he’s got it working right The rest of the suit pounds him into submission flying onto his body with pounding force.

But not even those lengthy moments are needed to show how haphazard his technological abilities are and how he just needs things to work. When his suit fails to give him the firepower he needs, JARVIS explains the suit is not combat ready, he smacks his arm in frustration like that is going to make his weapon work.

It may not have been a very noticeable moment but it is these little gems that make the film so much more enjoyable and fun. I mean panic attacks! Real down to earth I am having bad dreams because I saved the world from aliens panic attacks.

Iron Man 3 in my opinion is the better of the three films as it has moments like these that make the film much more enjoyable. I really like the humanity and problems that Tony Stark must deal with in order to continue to keep the world a safer place.

Iron Man 3 is a treat as far as audio and video quality with excellent color and great looking detail that highlights the films excellent transfer. Video has a great look with everything about it being almost perfect with no problems that detract from your enjoyment of the film.

Audio is also excellent with clear voice and a perfect surround sound from the DTS-HD Master 7.1 audio track that really is a treat. Audio and video are as near to perfect as you could want and really help to make the film a total success.

Bonus content includes audio commentary, a short film, two making of features and a few other short extras that work pretty well. The making of features work and the Marvel short film is good but it seems they are saving some extras for future releases as the bonus content is pretty scarce for such a big box office production.

Iron Man 3 is in my opinion the best of the Iron Man movies as the hero is shown to be more human than superhuman and the comedy is a welcome addition. Iron Man 3 is well worth the purchase for any comic book fan and action adventure enthusiast and the Blu-ray edition looks and sounds as good as it’s ever going to get.

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