iRig Voice Handheld Microphone

iRig Voice Handheld Microphone Review

iRig Voice Handheld Microphone Review

The iRig Voice Handheld Microphone from IK Multimedia is an affordable handheld microphone for android and Apple devices as well as computers.

Ease of Use, Performance:  3/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  3/5
How much I enjoy:  4/5

Recommendation:  3.5/5 Stars

iRig Voice Microphone
iRig Voice Microphone

The IK Multimedia iRig Voice is a handheld microphone for lighter music and recording like karaoke or simple fun while using an android or apple smartphone, tablet or computer. The iRig Voice has a unique connection with a four segment 3.5 mm connection and a pass through for an earphone so you can use the microphone in combination with a headset.

Some devices of course will not allow you to use this type of connection but my Galaxy Stellar had no problem using the Voice microphone and the IK Multimedia app EZ Voice. The EZ Voice app for android and iOS works well for my android phone but my nexus 7 tablet does not allow the microphone to work at all.

The app is free while special effects cost about $1 for each one listed but you can buy a bundle with all them costing $5 for 8 effects. The main features of the EZ Voice is recording voice or recording singing while a soundtrack plays in the background but this is not a karaoke type app.

Whats in the Box
Whats in the Box

Once you have installed the app and sign in with an account if you want to simply record audio or voice you just click on the record button and start recording by pressing the red dot. The app automatically records the audio and when you stop recording will give you the options to discard the recording or save it.

The app can record as many minutes as your phones storage space allows but the more fun aspect is the singing to your favorite tunes. The EZ Voice allows you to pick a song from your smartphone and sing along to it karaoke style but without the lyrics.

You will hear the song playing depending on how loud you have the volume so after a few practice runs you can try your luck at keeping the song barely heard while you belt out your best voice. The main problem with this is you don’t get lyrics to your songs which kind of makes it hard to use as a karaoke machine type app.

EZ Voice App w/ Voice Microphone
EZ Voice App w/ Voice Microphone

I also tried the voice microphone with a free karaoke app that plays the background music and no vocals so the only thing you get for voice is your singing, I suck by the way. The microphone did a good job at recording in another app as well as the general voice recorder app used for taking notes that came on my phone.

The iRig Voice works well and can make a fun microphone and the EZ Voice app also works well but it is more for fun or for use with an actual karaoke app. The iRig Voice microphone does cost about $40 so it does come at a low enough price for a gift but is not really good enough for note taking or serious use.

I highly recommend the iRig Voice for a fun and good quality microphone that only costs about $40 and can be used with a variety of apps including the EZ Voice.

iRig Voice @ IK Multimedia

iRig Voice @ Amazon

EZ Voice @ Play

EZ Voice @ iTunes

Good quality and affordable
EZ Voice app is free
works on android and apple device
May not work with all tablets depending on design

EZ Voice app does not give lyrics

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