iRig MIC Cast

iRig MIC Cast Microphone Review

iRig MIC Cast Microphone Review

The iRig MIC Cast Voice Recording Microphone is a microphone for android and Apple devices like smartphones that boosts your devices recording ability with an external microphone.

Ease of Use, Performance:  2/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  3/5
How much I enjoy:  2/5

Recommendation:  2/5 Stars

iRig MIC Cast Microphone Review
iRig MIC Cast

The iRig MIC Cast is a handheld device microphone that is a simple plug and play microphone that can also work with computers as a regular microphone. The iRig MIC Cast comes with the microphone and a stand for your smartphone along with instructions for use.

The iRig MIC Cast is a simple microphone that has a passthrough for earphones and a 3.5 mm plug with four sections on the connection for the earphone and for the microphone. Your handheld device or computer needs to be compatible with this four section plug like my smartphone but tablets can be picky on this type of technology.

The first tablet I tried was a Nexus 7 tablet that does not even have a TRRS four section connection for using a microphone earphone combination cable. The Playbook worked with the iRig MIC Cast but the Blackberry tablet has some pretty good microphones and circuitry inside.

Whats in the Box
Whats in the Box

My testing showed that voice recorded with the Playbook’s internal microphone was actually better than the MIC Cast microphone. The Playbook has noise cancelling to get rid of background noise and uses its two microphones to record sound pretty well.

When using the iRig MIC Cast with the Playbook the single microphone does get rid of some of the background noise but not as much as the Playbook. The iRig MIC Cast works fairly well on my Samsung Galaxy Stellar with clearing out background noise but it does lower the sound level as well.

iRig MIC Cast Recording using Android Smartphone

iRig MIC Cast Recording using Windows PC & Adobe Soundbooth

I tried several tests and was just underwhelmed with the quality of the MIC Cast microphone with actually lower levels of sound both voice and recorded sound from speakers. The microphone worked fairly well for both my smartphone and my computer but I just did expect a little more quality when plugging in an extra microphone over my smartphone.

During my audio tests I did notice a cleaner sound with less noise but the level goes down enough that I would be concerned with loss of volume levels. The sound using the iRig MIC Cast was just not that good overall for me to consider a solid recommendation but if you have a less than adequate smartphone microphone this would surely be worth a try.

I also tested the iRig MIC Cast against a headset microphone recording directly into Adobe Soundbooth and was rather disappointed as well. The iRig MIC Cast does well at getting rid of some of the background noise and creating a cleaner audio file but it lowers the volume on the low setting.

The external MIC Cast microphone worked fairly well but not as well as I thought it should fr direct recording of voice and sound. You can also use and purchase an app form IK Multimedia called iRig Recorder that does well when paired with the iRig MIC Cast.

iRig iRecorder App
iRig iRecorder App

The iRig recorder saves audio files shows audio wave files and has a processor to clean up recordings for handy on android and apple devices. The Recorder can doa  good job of cleaning up files but the main iRig MIC Cast just did not perform for me in the way that I thought it should.

I was just not that impressed with the audio recordings delivered by the iRig MIC Cast and really would prefer to look elsewhere for a better microphone for recording.

iRig MIC Cast @ IK Multimedia

iRig Recorder @ Google Play

Compact size
Passthrough for earphones
Hi & Lo for distant and close recording

Not impressed with sound quality

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