Incipio Premium KICKSTAND and Inscribe Executive Stylus

Incipio Premium KICKSTAND PlayBook Case

The Incipio Premium KICKSTAND makes the perfect tablet case for the BlackBerry PlayBook no matter the use and the Inscribe Executive Stylus is the perfect match for use as both pen and stylus.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features  5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total:  4.5/5 Stars

Tablet Case Incipio Premium KICKSTAND and Inscribe Executive Stylus


Now that my work is done with the PlayBook I move on to all those accessories and gadgets that come with owning a tablet and Incipio is the first stop for a fantastic case and stylus. The Incipio Premium KICKSTAND has a tough nylon covering for the harder interior that protects the tablet while the tri-fold design and grooved base allows for a hands free stand.

The Incipio KICKSTAND is an excellent case for the PlayBook and is a bit larger all around for good protection with six hold down clips that are part of the back piece for a good way to secure the tablet. The tri-fold design allows the PlayBook to be used while holding with a simple flip open cover or the next opening allows you to form a triangle to set the bottom edge in a slotted groove.


The KICKSTAND has three sides of the tri-fold with the piece with the clips made form a solid plastic while the other two sides seem to be cardboard inside the leather and nylon materials. The three sides all are sewn together and have the plastic or cardboard for rigidity and the one interior section is flat while the two outer pieces are slightly padded for protection.

The front section has a low spot along its length for the elastic band that is part of the back section and is used to secure the cover while not in use but you can use the tablet for music or charging with the cover on. The sides are open but the cover does overhang the sides giving protection to the tablet inside with the clips being on two of the open sides for more protection.

The KICKSTAND is easy to insert your PlayBook into with the clips bending enough to slip the tablet in or you can set the bottom of the tablet into the bottom clips and then snap the tablet down into the top clips then sliding the tablet into the side clips. This motion is actually longer in describing than actually doing and I have found that using the KICKSTAND is actually very simple and easy with all its features.


The back cover has a solid plastic grommet used for a hole for the back facing lens while the inner section of the trifold simply has a hole cut in it for the camera to peek through. You can use the tablet upside down in the case but the camera will be covered but I found this worked well when wanting to use the tablet and connect it to my PC for power.

Using the KICKSTAND with the PlayBook so the camera is lined up with the holes also puts the power connector and USB connection on the bottom but when wanting to use the case as a stand and plug in your tablet simply means turning it around. The PlayBook can be oriented in any direction as the home screen rotates so using the tablet with the power and USB connections up works easily.

The KICKSTAND is solidly made and has been the case I have been using with the tablet when taking it anywhere like my First Lego League practice sessions where I use it for video and pictures. The Incipio case makes a great way to protect the tablet as well as use it for a stand while watching videos or just general use when connected to my computer for hands free operation.

Incipio Scribe Stylus Pen

The KICKSTAND holds the tablet at one of two angles and does not slide around when using the touch screen with either my finger or my Incipio Inscribe Stylus which is also a fantastic tool to use with the PlayBook. The Inscribe Executive Stylus is a two in one tool for use with a tablet and is made specifically for capacitive touch screens that is a great writing instrument.

The pen and stylus are at opposite ends with the stylus tip always being ready while the pen is your normal twist out tip that can easily be replaced when the pen cartridge is empty. The pen cartridge is the same used in Parker pens and many generic pens so you can find refills at office supply stores and even Wal-Mart for easy replacement of the pen cartridge.

The Inscribe Executive comes in Red and Black with the ink being black but you can get different colors of ink cartridges if you would like but the black ink is just fine for me and the pen really is a nice quality one.  The pen handles well and when using the tablet stylus you get smooth control from the tip without the smudges or lack of precise pointing that fingers have.

I really like the pen and stylus that gives you the best of both a writing utensil and the stylus that tablets and smartphones require and can easily recommend the Incipio Inscribe Executive Stylus & Pen as a great tool for use with any smartphone or tablet.  The Inscribe Executive makes a great addition to the Incipio Premium KICKSTAND for the PlayBook and both makes a great set for use with the tablet and can be found at the Incipio website, Amazon and other stores websites like Wal-Mart.

The Incipio Premium KICKSTAND costs about $30 while the Incipio Executive Stylus & Pen costs about $25 for a great set that I can easily recommend for your BlayBook.

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