HuMn Wallet 2

HuMn Wallet 2 Review

HuMn Wallet 2 Review

The HuMn Wallet 2 system is a unique credit card protection and simple wallet that uses aluminum plates or screen to protect your RFID enabled credit cards from identity theft.

Ease of Use, Performance:  3/5
Quality/Craftsmenship 2/5
Features:  3/5
How much I enjoy:  1/5

Recommendation:  2/5 Stars

HuMn Wallet 2

Identity theft by reading your RFID enabled credit cards is a possibility whether you or the credit card companies want to believe it. RFID is Radio Frequency Identification that uses a small circuit on your credit card or identification card to broadcast the cards number and other information.

At hackers conferences it has been demonstrated that people can steal your credit card information with simple to buy hardware and use it to buy items or charge your credit card. While the credit card companies may want to deny that it’s this simple people have shown just how easy it is which is why I have refused to use RFID credit cards.

A layer of protection to prevent someone from electronically stealing your credit card information is a simple one, think of those guys who are afraid of aliens or governments from stealing their thoughts. A layer of aluminum whether a thin plate or a double layer of aluminum mesh will block the RFID from prying electronic eyes and protect your identity and credit.

The HuMn Wallet 2 has a customizable design where you choose the color, material and number of plates for your wallet with a good variety for all. The design of the HuMn wallet is a simple plate whether aluminum or carbon fiber with aluminum mesh and slots in the plates for an elastic band to hold things together.

Whats in the Box

The plates have a notched corner for easier prying open and a hole in the corner with notches on each side for the elastic band. The elastic band is a half inch wide elastic and works well to keep the plates together to keep your cards in your wallet.

The aluminum plate is simply a cut plate with smooth edges that is cut much like the carbon fiber plates but a slightly smaller size. The Carbon fiber is three layers of carbon fiber with two layers of aluminum mesh between them and about 2 7/8 by 3 3/4 inches.

I know the design of the carbon fiber not by seeing the edge of the plate but by seeing the insides up close and personal when mine came apart. One carbon fiber plate split apart and I was faced with either gluing it back together or just not using it at all for my wallet.

Whether RFID protection is a main concern of yours or not a tough wallet that will last is but the HuMn wallet may not be as tough as they want it to be. Tough and solidly built the HuMn wallet is supposed to be a simple plate or plates with the elastic band to hold things together.

HuMn Wallet 2 w/ Cards & Money

After using the HuMn Wallet 2 for a few months a problem developed with mine while writing up the review in both the plate coming apart and the elastic showing signs of wear. The other carbon fiber plate shows no sign of splitting and I could not find anyone else complaining about this on the internet.

I am sure if I complained the company would send me a new one but I do have the aluminum plate and the other carbon fiber plate for a wallet that works well. I also have found that the elastic strap is showing signs of wear with several of the inner rubber bands breaking which is causing the elastic to lose some of its hold.

The band will probably be good for several more months and need replacement with a new one eventually which I will probably not worry about buying a new one. You can buy new plates and elastic bands from the company at their website but I will probably just make my own elastic band if I keep using the HuMn wallet.

While I don’t mind having to buy or make my own elastic band I was kind of looking for a wallet that would last at least a year without having to buy new parts. Comparing this to other wallets I have purchased that only cost about ten dollars it will last longer but it would have also cost much more.

Elastic & Carbon Fiber Plate

The HuMn Wallet 2 with three plates and the one elastic band costs about $178 which is a high cost for a wallet and much more than I would pay. I can see paying $20 to $40 and even up to $50 but over a hundred for this wallet is a bit much it is a simple design and not very complex materials.

For that price I would expect a higher quality material in both the carbon fiber and the elastic and to not see such signs of wear so quickly. If you need the RFID protection or just like the minimalistic design the HuMn Wallet 2 is nice but I am not sold on the durability of the materials.

I have seen other slim and minimalistic wallets on the internet with the same aluminum design to protect against RFID scanning for less cost. Only once did I have a problem with cards slipping out of the wallet with a few cards falling out when I pulled the HuMn Wallet 2 out of my pocket.

I have not had a problem with cards falling out or losing any while handling the wallet at other times and am not concerned much with losing cards while using the HuMn wallet. I was concerned with the build quality of the carbon fiber plates and the elastic band as both are not going to last a year fromt he looks of them.

I just cannot recommend this costly a wallet when the quality is not up to what you are paying for and at $178 for a wallet I would expect a better quality product.

HuMn Website

RFID protection
Stylish design
Customizable colors and materials

Very Expensive
Carbon fiber plate split
Elastic band shows signs of wear and rubber strands broke

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