Capresso EC50 Espresso Machine

How to Make Espresso With the Capresso EC50

How to Make Espresso With the Capresso EC50

The Capresso EC50 is an inexpensive espresso machine and an easy appliance to learn how to make espresso based drinks and shots of espresso.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4.5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4.5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

The Capresso EC50 is the perfect easy to use machine to learn how to make espresso and espresso based drinks that is also inexpensive. The Capresso EC50 has a stainless steel lined thermoblock that heats the water so your water does not touch any aluminum.

The Capresso EC50 has a 42 ounce removable water tank for easy use and has a good steamer and frother wand for those espresso based drinks. The Capresso EC50 does make good espresso shots and the frothing wand finishes those drinks easily.

How to Make Espresso Capresso EC50

The Capresso EC50 does have enough pressure to push your water through the two shot porta filter that is stainless steel and plastic. The main feature of the EC50 is that your water never touches aluminum which may be a health issue but mainly it’s to prevent corrosion.

The stainless steel and plastic will not corrode and cause less problems with maintenance and cleaning of your espresso machine. The stainless steel outside also has a nice look to it and makes for a nice countertop appliance for your home.

Parts of the EC50 How to Make Espresso

The Capresso EC50 costs about $100 and is a basic espresso machine that may not be for everyone but does work well for espresso shots. The frother and steamer also does a great job of steaming and frothing milk for those espresso based drinks.

The steaming frothing wand has a plastic tip used for frothing but for steaming you simply pull it off and use the steaming function. The pump has plenty of pressure and the thermoblock heater works well to heat the water quickly to steam or froth milk.

Water Tank & Power Switch

The EC50 has a front switch that selects steaming/frothing or brewing shots of espresso with a side switch that powers the machine. The machine only takes about a half minute to heat up and be ready for brewing your espresso or for steaming and frothing.

The Capresso EC50 espresso machine may not be a high end appliance but it does a great job for the price and would make an excellent first machine. I highly recommend the Capresso EC50 espresso machine for a great simple espresso maker.

EC50 Whats in the Box

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