Friends Season 2

Friends Season 2 Blu-ray

Friends Season 2 Blu-ray

Friends continues fast and furious right on the heels of Season 1 with the continued comedy and fun of Friends Season 2 on Blu-ray.

Film making 5/5
Video 3/5
Audio 3/5
Bonus Features 1/5

Recommendation 4/5 Stars

Friends Season 2

Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer return for Friends Season 2 on Blu-ray as a standalone purchase. Friends is now out on Blu-ray for a complete series but to buy it with less of an upfront cost you can purchase it by the season on Blu-ray.

Friends is a sitcom from the mid to late 1990’s where season 2 concluded in May of 1996 with TV Guide placing Friends as 31st on their list of televisions 100 all-time greatest seasons. Season 1 ended with Ross leaving for China and Rachel finding out that Ross was in love with her without expressing his feelings for her.

Friends Season 2 has Rachel anxiously awaiting Ross’s return to tell him she loves him only to see Ross walk off the plane with Julie on his arm. Ross has met an old friend while in China and they are now a couple but Rachel is waiting in the wings for Ross because she now sees him as irresistible.

Rachel gets mad at Ross because Chandler convinced him to list the pros and cons of Rachel and Julie trying to weigh the good and bad of each person but Rachel finds the list. Rachel sees the list she is mad at Ross until an old video shows Ross intending to take Rachel to the prom in high school when her original date was late.

Other season long stories include Joeys burgeoning acting career and the general friendships between the six friends but Chandler still cannot find love and falls back on Janice again and again. While there are enough season long plots the shows individually are fun and definitely laugh filled but a few serious topics creep in from time to time.

Friends Season 2 on Blu-ray continues the odd audio and video quality probably more due to the source than to editing problems but it does look like the transfer was a quick and dirty one. Blu-ray looks fine for the most part but color and clarity suffers at times with some grain a bit too pronounced here and there.

Mostly it looks like they just did a quick transfer and simply put it to disc without correcting any problems or even checking for any. Audio is a similar story as it looks like they continue to have a bit of a problem again with too loud a laugh track and ambient noise that is added to highlight specific scenes.

When you hit these scenes like several times in the Central Perk café the ambient track added to make it sound like their actually in a crowded scene is too loud. At times the laugh track is actually overwhelming the sound field and it sounds like they’re actually in a stadium instead of a small café.

Voice is mostly clear but at times you may miss a few words because of this so the audio is not exactly perfect but it works well enough to not take away from the enjoyment too much. Audio and video quality are alright and not enough of an improvement over the first season to make any change to the rating for both.

Bonus features for Friends Season 2 on Blu-ray is about as non-existent as you can get with one exception, the Smelly Cat video by Phoebe. The bonus feature Friends of Friends is a quick look at recurring guests while What’s Up With Your Friends is a set of clips featuring each character of the show.

Both of these extras are really a waste of disc space but the Smelly Cat video is, well Smelly Cat so at least there is something worth watching on the Friends Season 2 edition. Friends Season 2 on Blu-ray continues the hit sitcom with comedy that just still resonates today and is well worth a purchase even with its smaller problems.

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