Free Birds Blu-ray Review

Free Birds Blu-ray Review

Free Birds Blu-ray Review

Free Birds takes all the fun out of Thanksgiving when two birds go back in time using a time machine to stop turkeys from becoming the main course.

Film making 3/5
Video 5/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 1/5

Recommendation 3/5 Stars

Free Birds Blu-ray

Reggie is a geek of a turkey and is ostracized by the other turkeys, sorry I had to do it, while Jake is a jock of a turkey who can’t wait to free his fellow turkeys. Jack was visited by a mysterious being in a flying machine who tells him he has to go back in time to free all turkeys.

Free Birds stars Owen Wilson as Reggie and Woody Harrelson as Jack with George Takei as S.T.E.V.E. the time machine and Amy Poehler as Jenny. Free Birds is more of a kid friendly film with some corny jokes intermixed with some decent comedy.

Reggie finds out what the farmer really does with all the turkeys but when he tries to warn his fellow birds they only ignore him. Reggie finally gets the leader to understand their plight so they offer up Reggie as the next victim only to have him be the pardoned turkey for the President.

Reggie is taken to Camp David and enjoys some of the high life of a bird given a second chance until Jake arrives with his Turkey Liberation Front message. Jack was told that he needs to find Reggie and go rescue all the turkeys but it’s who told him that is rather funny, the Great Turkey.

When Jack drags Reggie into a shed at Camp David they find the entrance to a secret underground facility that houses a time machine. Reggie and Jack take the place of the unfortunate pilot who gladly gives up his seat when he finds out that his odds of survival are somewhat limited.

The two turkeys take a trip back in time using S.T.E.V.E. which stands for Space Time Exploration Vehicle Envoy and has an artificial intelligence onboard that is voiced by George Takei. When the two turkeys meet the locals back in colonial America they have to hatch a plan to not have them become the entree at the first Thanksgiving.

Free Birds is a kid friendly film and not that bad but there are some corny jokes and plot points that are pretty obvious. While the film does skirt the obvious political landmine in the film they do a good job of taking talking turkeys and making a fun adventure.

Free Birds has a few bad jokes but it is also a cute film at times and George Takei, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson do a good job. While not a great addition to an animated film collection Free Birds is well worth a rental for a few good laughs.

Video is great as you would expect from a 20th Century Fox film and the colors are gorgeous even if the turkeys in Colonial England are obviously dressed as natives. Audio is also great with really good surround sound with great sound effects and clear voice.

Bonus content is rather sparse with about 15 minutes of making of features and a short live action piece that ties into the film but that’s it. There really isn’t anything worthwhile in the extras to bother with so you can just skip the extras.

Free Birds is a great film for those days when nothing else is available at the rental box and you just can’t go another night watching reruns on cable. I highly recommend watching Free Birds when you can but don’t worry too much about adding it to your collection.

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