Movie Review: Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie Blu-ray

Frankenweenie Blu-Ray Movie Review

Frankenweenie brings homage to the classic 1931 Frankenstein as well as other monster movie classics with a tale so familiar yet told in a new and family funny way.

Film making 4/5

Video 5/5

Audio 5/5

Bonus Features 4/5

Recommendation 5/5 Stars


Frankenweenie may not be Tim Burton’s greatest work but it takes a lot of energy and enthusiasm to reopen a project he did early in his career. Frankenweenie started as a short film in 1984 and was made into a stop motion full length feature that has some very interesting filming aspects.

Frankenweenie shows a not so typical life in New Holland where a young boy named Victor Frankenstein enjoys making films and includes his dog as the hero. One day a tragic accident claims the life of his dog and Victor becomes obsessed with bringing his dog back to life.

Victor succeeds in bringing Sparky back but fellow classmates bring their own deceased pets back with less than predictable results. When Victor’s parents find Sparky he runs off where the other monsters wreak havoc at the New Holland festival with Victor and Sparky saving the day.

Frankenweenie is a black and white stop motion movie which adds to the classic nature but the funny takes on the classic monsters really adds a lot to the plot and family friendly nature. This is one of those films that surprisingly does very well with its odd and quirky tale that lends a lot to the style of the films creator.

The video quality is superb and really well done with clear high definition quality without any problems what so ever with the 3D also being as excellent quality according to other reviewers. I do not have 3d capability, too expensive, but the 2D Blu-ray film is perfect for video so there are no problems from a video quality standpoint.

Voice is clear and the sound track is extremely well done with great use of surround sound and deep bass but voice is never cluttered or drowned out. The sound field is well used but when important events occur that the film needs to highlight the sound dials down a notch to keep your attention centered where it needs to be.

The bonus features are a pleasant surprise with a great mix of making of features and looks behind the scenes which really give a great insight into this unique movie making technique. The film also boasts a full set of museum quality sets that have been on tour featuring the dolls and other parts used in the film which adds a lot to film making in general for people to see.

Frankenweenie is a fantastic film and a must have for those scary Halloween parties where you need a light movie to watch before the real scary stuff for adults only. I definitely recommend Frankenweenie as a great film and a must have classic for any movie collection but especially for kids and youngsters.

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