Fanimation Beckwith Ceiling Fan Review

Fanimation Beckwith Ceiling Fan Review

The Fanimation Beckwith is a retro looking fan with either an oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel finish and controlled with a handheld remote that you can mount on the wall.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 4/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

Fanimation Beckwith
Fanimation Beckwith Ceiling Fan Review

The Fanimation Beckwith is a retro style ceiling fan that comes in oil rubbed bronze or rubbed nickel finish and has four interior lights with a 13 inch fan. The Beckwith has a remote control with a receiver unit that connects to an electrical supply for controlling both the fan and light.

Fanimation sells additional remote controls as well as switches but with just a little rewiring you can control the light without the remote control. I simply cut the neutral wire that leads to the lights inside the fans motor to separate the fans lighting so I could control the lights with a wall switch and the fan with the remote.

The Fanimation Beckwith has a unique retro look with an enclosed fan and four smaller lights in the E12 candelabra size bulbs that add enough illumination for a stairwell. The fan has a low, medium and high speed with reversing switch on the top of the fan where you also access the lights.

The remote has low, medium and high buttons along with a power and light button for complete control of your fan and lights while you need to reverse the fan from the switch on the top. The fan installation is pretty straight forward but some electrical and general do it yourself handy person type skill is required.

whats in the box
Whats in the Box

The Beckwith comes with the fan itself and all the hardware needed including a four inch downrod but you can purchase other downrods for the height you want. The fan can also be installed with a switch or extra remote so you can install a switch in two locations or simply do a little rewiring to use a separate switch.

I wanted to install the fan with my existing switches that are wired to control the previous light at the top and bottom of the stairs in my stairwell. I just cut the lights neutral wires that are wired together with the motor to control only the lights from the separate light power that is already separate.

In wiring the light the remote receiver is usually wired to both the fan and motor using the manual to correctly install the fan that is controlled by the remote for both light and fan motor. To install the fan and light separately you simply separate the neutral wires and wire the light directly to switches while the motor gets wired to the receiver.

fanimation beckwith lights on
Fanimation Beckwith w/ Lights On

Using my knowledge of home wiring from my military career I figured out the wiring and separated the neutrals then installed the fan and light with separate power to each. The fans receiver unit has a full time supply direct from my basement electrical panel while the existing wires from the wall switches are running to the lights.

The Beckwith weighs 27 pounds so a good support for the electrical box is required but you can also install a fan electrical support box that hangs between ceiling joists. These boxes are available at hardware and home improvement stores for installing ceiling fans easily when no outlet box is available.

I had the electrical box installed directly below a 2 by 4 support that an electrician had installed just for this case a couple years ago so the fan was easy to install. I did have to run a supply line to my electrical panel in the basement which meant running wires two stories but it was pretty easy.

Beckwith Ceiling Fan
Beckwith Ceiling Fan

After the wiring was in place the bracket and fan went next and was easy to install with the ball and bracket type fitting which easily hangs the fan. The receiver unit goes into the bracket and the fan hangs from the bracket by the downrod which can be any height you want.

The Beckwith can use a regular downrod that is one inch in diameter which home improvement stores also carry in popular colors and sizes. The remote installs with a mounting bracket to the wall and simply connects to the fans motor receiver with radio frequency so you can control it without wiring.

The remote has numerous frequencies so if you have problems with the remote and interference you can switch the receiver and remote to a better frequency. The lights that come with the ceiling fan are bright enough for my back stairwell at night so the fan is perfect to use in halls to light the stairs as well as circulate air.

Top of Beckwith
Top of Beckwith

I installed the fan to help cool in the summer and heat in the winter so the air would circulate and keep my house temperature even between upstairs and downstairs. My hot water boiler heats well but like many houses the upstairs is warmer during the winter so circulation is important.

The Beckwith while on low is enough to keep the air moving but with the higher speeds it does circulate well and can easily bring air in or out of my second story quickly. A ceiling fan can both reduce heating and cooling costs as well as increase comfort in a room or when used in a hall to improve overall circulation.

Beckwith from Below
Beckwith from Below

The Fanimation Beckwith is an excellent fan and works well for air circulation as well as lighting for rooms and hallways just like my stairwell. I highly recommend the Fanimation Beckwith as an excellent fan that has a unique look and is very easy to install.

Beckwith @ Fanimation

Beckwith @ Amazon

Easy to install
Reversible with three speeds
Controlled by remote
Can be installed on sloped ceilings

May require rewiring for separate control of lights and fan

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