Ergodyne Arsenal Installer/Drill Rig

Ergodyne Arsenal Installer/Drill Tool Rig Review

Ergodyne Arsenal Installer/Drill Tool Rig Review

The Arsenal Installer Drill Tool Rig is a handy and professional quality tool belt with a pouch designed for tools with a variety of pockets and a drill holder that also includes suspenders.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

Ergodyne Arsenal Installer/Drill Tool Rig

Ergodyne makes a wide variety of safety and work related gear like vests, tool belts and personal protection that is high quality for real work. The Arsenal line of tool storage from Ergodyne includes belts, pouches and bags along with safety gear for serious workers.

Tool storage and tool belts are all not created equal and buying a professional quality tool belt for use around the home makes sense when that tool belt will last you a lifetime. Quality does not come cheap and the Ergodyne tool belts are made from quality materials with excellent workmanship.

The Arsenal Installer and Drill Tool Rig is a tool belt with a padded back, suspenders, tool belt and two pouches for the belt for various jobs. The larger tool pouch holds a variety of tools and has a main pocket with a smaller front pocket and two pockets front and back.

The main pocket has a large flap to cover the pocket but can be used without the flap simply by tucking it behind the belt and has Velcro closures for securing it closed. The smaller side pocket does get covered by the main safety flap while the two smaller pockets front and back have smaller flaps with Velcro closures.

Installer Rig w/ Suspenders

The main pocket has 11 interior pockets for holding tools and other items while the exterior of the pouch has two smaller pockets for things like screwdrivers. There are four half rings for securing items like safety cables on tools or for hanging things like keys.

Two of the half rings are on each side of the main pockets while two are inside the main pocket at the top with the two side ones between the side pockets and the two small tool pockets. Both larger pockets have a drain hole in case you get water inside the pockets and feature a bottom protective layer of ballistic polyester material.

The drill driver pouch is a handy ambidextrous pouch for a drill and holds a wide variety of drills from small to large ones and a variety of accessories. The drill holder easily holds my Milwaukee Fuel 18 volt drill as well as my smaller DeWalt drill driver and has a main pocket that is divided and three smaller pockets outside the larger one.

On the side of the driver holder there is a tall pocket for long bits and a metal clip near the bottom of the holder for hanging a tool. The Drill pouch also has a short chain on it with a wire holder for hanging rolls of tape which makes the installer rig perfect for electricians.

Installer Rig Pouch & Drill Holder

The drill holder has a snap closure for holding the drill in the pouch as well as a small Velcro patch to keep the closure out of the way when you are using your drill. The drill holder also has a Velcro patch on the back side of the pouch to keep it secured in place on the belt but the tool pouch does not have this.

The belt itself is a two piece belt with a tough thick nylon web belt that has double holes for the dual prongs that secure the belt on your waist. The belt also has a padded support with a large Velcro patch on the ends for quick and easy placement of the belt and then a secure tight fit using the buckle of the web belt.

The padded back of the belt can be used with the waist belt or without and is nice for both keeping cool and for lower back protection. The belt also has four Velcro loops and triangle rings for the suspenders to clip on and these along with the suspenders can be used with the belt for added support for heavy tools.

I have been using the belt for some extra work repairing a fence and for construction work on a building I am painting with plenty of accolades for the Installer Rig. The rig has tough stitching and a very comfortable fit with the padded belt that doubles as a back protector.

Installer Rig w/ Tools

You can remove the back protector padding and use it by itself as well as the main belt for your tool belt but I highly recommend using both together. The Installer Rig is easy to put on using the Velcro closure for a quick wrap around the waist so you don’t have to hold the belt up while getting the buckle done.

The suspenders are nice if you need them but I have not really used them much other than to try them out as I don’t carry enough tools to weigh down the rig. My Milwaukee M18 drill is a bit hefty at five and a half pounds but this does not weigh down the installer rig enough to warrant the use of suspenders.

The Installer rig is an excellent tool belt and is a handy one for a home handyman or for a professional who needs a quality belt on the job. I highly recommend the Arsenal Installer Rig for a home handyman or professional that is a high quality tool belt.

Arsenal Installer Rig @ Ergodyne

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Quality materials and workmanship
Comfortable belt and padded back support
Enough Pockets for plenty of tools
Velcro patch on belt for easy fitting


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