Erased Blu-ray Review

Erased Blu-ray

Erased Blu-ray

Aaron Eckhart stars as ex-CIA operative Ben Logan who must find the truth behind the company he was working for and why they are making his past disappear in Erased.

Film making 2/5

Video 4/5

Audio 4/5

Bonus Features 1/5

Recommendation 3/5 Stars

Erased Blu-ray

Erased stars Aaron Eckhart as Ben Logan and Liana Liberto as his daughter Amy Logan with Philipp Stolzl directing. Erased is much like Taken in its realistic fighting style while the action and plot are all too familiar.

Ben Logan worked for the CIA as an operative but he tires of killing without knowing why or if he is doing the right thing. He seeks work outside the agency and gets a recommendation from his former supervisor but things are not what they seem.

One day after work Ben gives his daughter a treat from a coworker but his daughter is allergic to peanuts which is in the baked good. Ben takes his daughter to the hospital when she has a reaction to the treat and they spend most of the night while she gets better.

Ben stops by work before taking her home only to find the labs he worked in have been vacated with no trace of his former workers. Not only is his office gone but any proof that he worked there is also gone and the hunt to find out why begins.

Ben soon figures out that he is targeted to disappear as well and he seeks answers but even going to old friends in the agency might mean not knowing who to trust. In the end Ben discovers who to trust and who needs to be dealt with using Jason Bourne type vengeance.

Erased is directed by Philipp Stolzl who does pretty good with the films pace but near the end it just follows a too familiar tone and plot. The story is there in the beginning but by the end of the film we see nothing new or original except the basic style of spies who are not superhuman.

I really enjoy films such as Erased and Taken that show a hero who is just tough enough but not superhuman with god like fighting abilities. The realistic fighting and cast that actually get hurt make for a more believable story but in the end there is not much to Erased that is new and original.

Erased has a good enough story but direction and how the film followed a too familiar tale just makes it a decent enough film. Video and audio for Erased was very good bordering on perfect with excellent color and great surround sound.

The Blu-ray edition of Erased has great color and very few problems in video while audio uses a full surround sound from the 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. Both video and audio are excellent while bonus content is on the opposite end of the scale at almost nonexistent.

There is only a 5 minute behind the scenes feature which is a typical look at filming so bonus features gets a low rating. Erased is a decent rental but follows along the lines of too many other action films to warrant more than a rental when no other films are worthwhile.

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