Divoom Onbeat-X1

Divoom Onbeat-X1 Ultimate Gaming Speaker

Divoom Onbeat-X1 Ultimate Gaming Speaker

The Divoom Onbeat-X1 is a Bluetooth gaming speaker for smartphone and tablet use that connects wirelessly or with an auxiliary audio connection for great sound with added vibration.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  3/5
How much I enjoy: 3/5

Recommendation:  3.5/5 Stars

Divoom Onbeat-X1 Ultimate Gaming Speaker

The Divoom Onbeat-X1 is a Bluetooth gaming speaker that connects wirelessly using Bluetooth 3.0 or the 3.5 mm auxiliary audio connection. The rear of the Onbeat-X1 has three rubber suction cups to make securing it to the back of a smartphone or tablet simple.

The Divoom Onbeat-X1 has a 45 mm driver with a bass device to provide vibration during gaming and movies or music for realistic gameplay. The smaller speaker delivers great sound for movies and music or gaming which comes from the 4 watts of power that the 45 mm driver can deliver.


The vibration function may be something that is more a gimmick than a useful feature but it does add a bit to gaming and to movies you watch on your tablet. The Onbeat-X1 has plenty of power for good sound and does sound pretty good for its size and single speaker.

The Onbeat-X1 has a lithium ion rechargeable battery that can last about 8 hours of continuous music playback and recharges through the USB connection. The battery recharges pretty quickly but the main problem with the small speaker is the suction cups on the back.


The small suction cups do not work very well on my tablets or on a smooth smartphone case so the suction part does not work very well. The suctions cups do not have enough suction to keep it snuggly on my tablets or their cases but it works well for setting on a table or desk.

I would be hesitant to trust the suctions cups to keep it fixed on the back of my tablet but setting it down is alright and it does have the wireless capability. I have been using it with a wire at times connecting it to my headphones connection of my computer and listening to movies and music from my computer and the little speaker does sound pretty good.


Just using it to listen to music and movies the Onbeat-X1 has some good sound and the bass is big enough to make enjoying the deeper sounds pretty good. Gaming is also good but the vibration just seems too much like a gimmick just like the vibration of the PS3 controller.

The Onbeat-X1 costs about $40 and works well enough to warrant a look at this small but pretty good speaker for tablets and smartphones.

Onbeat-X1 @ Divoom

Onbeat-X1 @ Amazon

Small size but good sound
Bass adds depth and deep tones to sound

Suction cups do not work well
Vibration is a bit gimmicky

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