Demarle Silpat Entremet

Demarle Silpat Entremet Silicone Baking Pan

Demarle Silpat Entremet Silicone Baking Pan

The Silpat Entremet is a silicone baking pan that has revolutionized the baking industry according to chefs because it simply makes baking and handling sheet goods quicker and easier.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

Demarle Silpat Entremet Baking Pan

I was beginning the review for the Demarle Silpat Entremet and I came across an interesting quote about the Silpat Entremet saying it has revolutionized baking for chefs and other professionals. While this may be overstating the fact that it is just a pan it does make baking much easier and with simple cleanup that it can secure its place in many kitchens.

The Silpat Entremet is made by Demarle, a French company that has made baking and cooking products since 1965 and has a new take on the traditional baking sheet for cakes and other goodies. The Demarle Silpat Entremet is a silicone baking pan that uses food grade silicone for its superior nonstick cooking and high temperature resistance.

Entremet Baking Pan Top & Bottom

The shiny cooking side allows for almost nonstick cooking but a thin layer of cake or other baked goods will stick to it but no cooking spray or greasing is necessary. The Entremet Pan is 10 by 13.8 inches so it fits on any regular sized cookie sheet and has .8 inch high sides for baking sheet cakes and other desserts.

The molded design allows for flexibility when removing your cakes and other goods so using the Entremet for baking is far superior to non-flexible cake sheets and pans. The flexible nature of the silicone allows you to bake with the pan on a cookie sheet for the rigidity needed for cooking while removing and working with the baked good is easier with the flexible silicone pan.

The Entremet pan allows home cooks to use the same professional quality tools that are used by chefs to make your own desserts and goodies. While the pan may not seem like the biggest thing to hit your kitchen it does make a convincing argument to have a variety of pans and other cooking gadgets in the kitchen for things like cakes, brownies and much more.

Brownies in the Entremet Baking Pan

A main feature is the quick cleanup where the pan does not have much stuck to it after baking even if you over cook your baked goods. The silicone pan will have a thin layer of crumbs or baked goods attached to it but this is easily wiped out and cleaned off using mild soapy water.

I did not find any instructions that say the Entremet is not dishwasher safe but it is also not mentioned in the included instructions that it is so a simple washing in the sink is what I would do. Cleanup is easy and those corners are easy to clean out with the flexible silicone but storage is also easy with the foldable and flexible pan.

You can store the silicone pan with your other cookie sheets and the flexible design allows you to fold the pan for storing in drawers that would not fit the pan full sized. Easy cleanup and storage makes for some good features but handling those large baked goods as sheets is where the Entremet excels.

Dealing with a full sized sheet of cake and flipping it over while still getting it out of the pan in one piece is fantastic for both cake type baking and thicker recipes like brownies. The Entremet makes handling and working with sheet goods so much easier than rigid pans which is why chefs are praising the newer pans from Demarle.

Baking a Sponge Cake

I have used the Entremet for cakes creating layered desserts that not only look good but taste great as well as other more traditional home recipes like brownies. The Entremet is great for easy cleanup as well as easily getting the baked goods out of the pan but for some desserts like layered cakes and lady fingers the entremets really is fantastic.

I have worked on desserts like Tiramisu using Lady Fingers which is actually a sponge cake and used them in various desserts like Strawberry Shortcake. The Entremet pan makes handling the finished baked goods so much easier when trying to remove the layered cake from the pan that it has become a staple in my baking.

I highly recommend the Demarle Silpat Entremet as a must have baking and cooking pan that will surely revolutionize your own cooing. The Demarle Silpat Entremet is available at many cooking and baking sites as well as Amazon for about $55 for the 10 by 13 inch pan.

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Pastry Chef working with Silpat Entremet

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