Crio Bru Chocolate Lovers Gift Set

Crio Bru Ultimate Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box Review

Crio Bru Ultimate Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box Review

Crio Bru is a unique drink that is made from cocoa beans that are roasted then ground so you can brew them like coffee but the drink is not like anything else.

Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Creativity: 4/5
Value: 4/5
Just how good is it: 4/5

Recommendation: 4/5

Chocolate Lovers Gift Set
Crio Bru Chocolate Lovers Gift Set

Crio Bru is not coffee and it is not hot chocolate, it is 100 percent cocoa beans ground for a unique drink that is like nothing else on the market. The cocoa beans are grown in a variety of locations and just like coffee beans both location and growing conditions dictate a unique flavor.

Each variety has a unique and distinct flavor with an additional enhancement in some of the Crio Bru flavors by adding things like lime zest and spearmint leaf. The Mojito Crio Bru is a unique and tasty treat that has a hint of mint and lime due to the addition of the dried ingredients added to the cocoa.

Crio Bru buys cocoa beans, or also called cacao, roasts them to perfection along with grinding them for brewing like you brew coffee. Do not think Crio Bru is like coffee or even hot chocolate as the beans do not brew like coffee beans nor do they dissolve in hot water like processed hot chocolate powder.

Brewing Cocoa with French Press
Crio Bru with Bodum French Press

You can brew Crio Bru just like coffee but for the full flavor of cocoa a French Press is the best but you can also try the other ways to brew coffee for some variety. I tried both a regular coffee pot and a moka pot and found that the Crio Bru just does not have enough time in either to make a decent brew.

The best way to brew cocoa for drinking is with a French Press because soaking the beans allows the most flavor and oils to release into the water. It takes time to bring the full flavor out of the beans and that is the biggest difference between coffee and cocoa brewing.

Crio Bru is an interesting drink and does have the variety in the Ultimate Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box which contains 8 varieties of Crio Bru brewed cocoa and a Bodum 34 ounce French Press. The Chocolate Lover’s gift set contains a 12 ounce bag of Cavalla Crio Bru, Coca River Crio Bru and Maya Crio Bru along with an eight ounce bag of chocolate covered Crio Bru cocoa beans.

Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans
Crio Bru Cocoa Beans

The gift set also includes the five ounce bags of Maracaibo Crio Bru, Vega Real Crio Bru and Cavalla French Roast along with a 2.5 ounce bag of the Mojito Crio Bru. All the Crio Bru varieties have a distinct flavor and are great with a specific taste like the Maracaibo with its hint of caramel and cherry.

Some of the Crio Bru are better than others but this will depend on your taste but overall they are alright but I was a bit disappointed with the overall flavor. This is mostly due to the taste expectations that people have when trying the brew after spending years drinking coffee and hot chocolate.

I had tried another brand of roasted ground cocoa and found after doing some research that mixing brewing cocoa with coffee was an even better way to enjoy the drink. After a little experimentation I found that mixing about 1/3 roasted cocoa and 2/3 espresso ground coffee and brewing the mix in a moka pot just like espresso that tastes excellent.

Brewing Cocoa Experimenting
Crio Bru Experimenting

Getting the subtle notes of each Crio Bru while still enjoying my usual cup of espresso is the perfect way to really enjoy brewing cocoa. I have really enjoyed sampling the Crio Bru blends and can easily recommend Crio Bru for an excellent take on a hot beverage whether you take it plain or brewed with coffee.

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Crio Bru Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set

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