Cowgirls N Angels 2: Dakotas Summer

Cowgirls N Angels 2: Dakotas Summer Blu-ray Review

Cowgirls N Angels 2: Dakotas Summer Blu-ray Review

Haley Ramm and veteran actor Keith Carradine star in Cowgirls N Angels 2: Dakotas Summer, a feel good film that almost rates a purchase.

Film making 2/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 0/5

Recommendation 2/5 Stars

Cowgirls N Angels 2: Dakotas Summer

Cowgirls N Angels came out in 2012 and with my wife scouring Redbox for anything related to horses it was inevitable that we watch that film. When the press release for the sequel came out I did not hesistate to grab my copy and hope it was worthy.

Cowgirls N Angels was about a little girl named Ida looking for her father the rodeo star but instead finds an opportunity as a rodeo performer. The sequel to this decent film is more of the same with nary a care for keeping the same characters or events other than a rodeo as center stage.

Cowgirls N Angels 2: Dakotas Summer stars Haley Ramm as Dakota Rose, an up and coming rodeo queen who is part of a troop of rodeo performers. Dakota finds out she is not who she thought she was, she is adopted and gets very angry at her adoptive parents for not telling her.

The adopted by loving parents is a standard in feel good films and the inevitable hunt for her real parents begins just like you would expect. She searches for her real mom only to find she is still a carefree soul who has never taken responsibility for anything.

Dakota learns how the people who raised her are the ones that matter and she can be friends with her real mother even if she can’t trust her. We can’t leave out the birth mom in this and the chance that she will at least be a decent friend to her daughter.

A very family friendly film even to the point of the rival rodeo team who bets with Dakota and loses with the bet being they must become friends once again. Yep, it’s that kind of a feel good film down to the barely PG rating which I find kind of hard to believe.

Kissing and a hint of cleavage really rate a PG so the film does come off as one that you will not have to explain to the little ones that do find it interesting.  Cowgirls N Angels 2 really was a bit of a disappointment but not all that much of a surprise in this day of fast sequels to take advantage of a ready audience.

Video quality was pretty good with very few flaws and only a few times did I actually notice that some of the outdoor scenes are a bit washed out. Color is nice for the most part but some of the outdoor scenes are a bit lacking in vivid color.

Audio quality is also well done but with the type of film this is and very little high action the surround just does not come into play all that much. Both audio and video quality are more than acceptable and just fine for this feature while the extras could really have used more.

One twelve minute making of feature that is mostly the actors saying how great a story and film this is just does not rate even one star. That was it for the bonus content which is just a waste of Blu-ray disc space so extras get a solid zero in my book.

The film just did not meet the standards for even a purchase but if you have some reason to collect films about horses there are those four legged critters here as well.

Cowgirls N Angels 2: Dakotas Summer just did not strike a cord like the first film and really only rates a rental in my opinion.

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