Cotton Carrier Vest System for 1 Camera

Cotton Carrier Vest System for 1 Camera

Cotton Carrier Vest System for 1 Camera

The Cotton Carrier Vest System is a harness that holds your DSLR snug to your body when snapped into the socket but easily accessible for those action shots.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  4/5
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Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

Cotton Carrier Vest System for 1 Camera

The Cotton Carrier Vest System for 1 Camera is a harness to take the load off your neck for that DSLR camera and almost any size lens due to the Lexan receptacle and lens strap. The Cotton Carrier Camera Vest is an over the shoulder vest that has a Lexan socket right in the front.

The adapter that fits your DSLR camera is made from aluminum and is tough enough to withstand the rigors of the field for nature and action photography. The Cotton Carrier System comes with an adapter plate that fits Arca-Swiss, Manfroto and Gitzo brands of quick release tripod systems.

Cotton Carrier Whats in the Box

The Cotton Carrier Vest also has a lens strap to hold your lens and secure it tightly while the camera is locked in place on the vest. To lock the camera on the Lexan receptacle you simple turn the camera so the lens is pointing off to your left or right and lower the adapter into the receptacle.

Turning the camera so the lens points down will ensure the lens and camera stay in place on the vest no matter the activity like climbing, biking or simply keeping up with the action. The aluminum adapter that mounts to the bottom of your camera is tough and the Lexan receptacle means no breaking of the most stressed point in the system.

Cotton Carrier Attaching System

The vest itself has a padded front with well sewn seams and a good quality webbing to hold the vest in place while the straps are Velcro in the back. You have the two main straps that go over your shoulders with Velcro ends for an additional adjustment along with the buckles on the front.

The vest has a belt that goes around your torso above your waist that continues with a strap that goes over the lens if you are using a longer lens with the Cotton Carrier Vest. Other little features include the thick rubber pad that protects your camera bottom and the two straps that help hold your camera both while in the receptacle and while shooting.

Cotton Carrier Attaching Straps


The one add-on I received with the vest is a hand strap that loops on the rubber pad and your attach point for the cameras strap where the two straps secure the camera to your vest. The vest is all top quality sewing and well-made materials for a professional quality photography system that is fantastic.

I could not recommend this any higher as the perfect solution for holding your camera while doing activities and needing your camera ready in seconds. The vest has four attach points for the straps or other gear while the lens strap has a Velcro flap to tuck it away if you’re not using it.

Cotton Carrier

The Cotton Carrier is comfortable and fits a wide variety and build types of people so the camera vest does work well for many different people. The vest has a variety of additional add-ons like the hand strap that costs $35 while the Cotton Carrier Vest for 1 camera costs $150.

The camera vest is a fantastic way to keep your camera secure on the trail while biking and simply getting around the scene while trying to capture every shot. I highly recommend the Cotton Carrier 1 Camera Vest as the perfect way to carry your DSLR camera with a variety of lenses securely.

1 Camera Vest @ Cotton Carrier

Professional Quality
Securely holds DSLR with long lenses
Fits a variety of sizes
Quick Release mounting system


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