Coleman NXT 200 Grill

Coleman NXT 200 Grill Review

Coleman NXT 200 Grill

The Coleman NXT 200 Grill is a quick set up portable grill for home, tail gating and camping that uses either propane cylinders or propane tanks for fuel.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

Coleman NXT 200 Grill

The Coleman NXT 200 grill uses a unique scissor leg setup that really does make it a portable grill using either one pound propane cylinders or a 20 pound tank. Once setup you have the sturdy design and stable base for a great grill whether you’re in the backyard, the parking lot or the campground.

The Coleman NXT 200 grill uses either one pound propane cylinders or a 20 pound propane tank but it does not come with a hose for the larger tank. The Coleman NXT 200 comes with a regular porcelain coated cast iron grill grate and some assembly is required.

Assembly is easy and only needs a Philips screwdriver along with the included nut driver tools to put the grill together. It only took me about a half hour to assemble the grill and the instructions are pretty easy to follow as well as handy for setting up the grill and troubleshooting if necessary.

Whats in the Box

The NXT 200 weighs about 50 pounds so a little care when lifting is needed but it does transport well in a car trunk or back of a van or pickup. The two grill grates do fit snuggly into the grill and the two latches when closed ensure the grates do not move when transporting the grill.

Folding up the grill takes a bit of practice because you lift on the side handle of the grill to open the grill after releasing the locking latch. Closing the grill is the opposite with lifting the handle to pull the legs out of the clips that hold it when open.

The NXT 200 can use a griddle top or stovetop grate but the grill grate works well for backyard barbeques and general grilling. I have grilled fish, chicken, brats, steaks and even some treats like peaches on the grill with great success.

Grilled Peaches

Grilling is almost an art form but cooking on the NXT 200 is easy as long as you keep an eye on your food and practice a bit. The grill does go pretty high with the heat so I was usually around half to the lower end on both the burner knobs when grilling meats.

The lid has a temperature gauge on it that reads the internal temperature for a great way to tell how hot the grill is when its on but you have to remember that the gauge is reading the temperature at the lid. The burners may be a bit hotter than the reading you have on the lid gauge so you need to take that into consideration when cooking.

I easily fit eight large hamburgers on the grill and as you can see by my pictures four one pound steaks would fit as well when grilling for a family. You can get about ten to twelve large burgers on the grill and I had no problem getting ten brats and a couple hot dogs on for my family get together.

Coleman NXT 200 Grilling Steaks

The grill does allow you to cook on one side and keep the other side off or use one as a warmer but you can also do something I saw on Americas Test Kitchen. Sear a roast or pork roast on medium high and then use one side of the grill on low with the meat on the other side to slowly roast.

Tender and juicy pork roast was easy and the Coleman grill does clean up easily as well with a simple wash of the grill and spraying out the inside. The instructions say to clean the grill with tools but a simple spray with mild soap and the garden hose worked very well as long as you’re careful.

I was careful not to get water in the propane parts and directed the water toward the sides but cleaning the grill is easy with a wipe as well. You can removing the grill grate and clean that in the sink or tub with soap and water for an easy time at cleaning the burnt on food.

Chicken on the NXT 200

You can also just scrub them off with a brush after you cook but usually you want to sit down and enjoy your food and even a day later I had no problem cleaning out the grill. The NXT 200 is portable and only takes a few minutes to disconnect the propane cylinder or tank and fold it up for travel.

I took the grill over to my son’s home when my family came for a visit and had a fun time grilling brats and hot dogs with plenty of room for the three families. I did buy a propane tank and hose which cost about $80 at Menards and did get the hose without the regulator as the grill does already have that built in.

Lighting the grill is easy with the built in Instastart button that uses a piezo electric starter or you can use a match or other safe lighter. The two burners do burn independently and work well with enough flame to boil water in a pot if you want or need to.

Grilling Pork Cops

I did find a great cover that fits it well but it has a logo on the side that I should probably paint over one of these days, Weber. The smaller rectangle grill cover that Wal-Mart sells for about $10 would probably have fit but I wanted a better cover for a great grill.

I bought the better Weber Standard Q100/200 Cover that fits the Coleman grill but you need to push the retractable side tray in. The Coleman grill has one side table that is permanent and another that pushes in and pulls out for convenience when traveling.

I had no problems with the Coleman NXT 200 and do highly recommend it for a great travel grill that is very quick to set up and very easy to use. The NXT 200 grill is available at Coleman, Amazon and several local sporting goods stores for about $200.

NXT 200 @ Coleman

Easy to use and setup
Very Portable
Uses either 1 pound or 20 pound LP tanks
Can use three different grates

Does not come with LP tank Hose
Only comes with Grill Grates

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