Cocoons Sunglasses

Cocoons OveRx and Clip-On Sunglasses

Cocoons OveRx and Clip-On Sunglasses

Cocoons makes a unique over prescription sunglasses as well as the more traditional clip on sunglasses for those that wear prescription glasses.

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Cocoons OveRx and Clip-On Sunglasses

I have been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember and usually buy a pair that are tinted for sunglasses but recently after they broke I looked at add-on sunglasses. Eyeglass wearers have a few options in sunglasses with clip-ons that either have small hooks that fit over your frames or clips that hold the frame on your glasses.

Cocoons make a unique line of sunglasses that actually fit over your entire eyeglass for a protective pair of sunglasses that help block sunlight and ultraviolet. The Cocoons OveRx look much like a pair of safety glasses and also work much like them by covering the front and sides of your eyes.

The OveRx sunglasses come in a variety of polarized and even 3D glasses for watching movies and games on your favorite 3 dimensional televisions or monitor. The Cocoons OveRx sunglasses make a perfect sunglass for use over your eyeglasses so you don’t need to worry as much about fitting the shape of your eyeglasses.

The OveRx sunglasses come in several shapes and to help fitting your current eyeglasses they have a printable sizing guide. Just print the guide for whichever shape you want to see how well it will fit your glass shape and size using your real glasses.

Cocoon Sunglasses

Cocoons printable guides have a quarter matching guide on the printable page so you can tell after printing if your printer and computer alter the image size. If the quarter on the page you print is the exact same size as a regular quarter the printed image of the Cocoons is the correct size.

You can set your eyeglasses on the image to see how well the Cocoons will cover your eyeglasses for both shape and size. The printable guides work equally well for their clip-on and flip-up sunglasses for fitting as their OveRx sunglasses.

I received two pairs of sunglasses for my eyeglasses with one pair the Cocoons OveRx glasses and the Cocoons clip-ons. The Cocoon OveRx glasses have several premium features including your choice of polarized lenses, flexible temples and a variety of frame colors.

The flex temples are a very flexible over ear piece that retains its shape and allows the glasses a flexibility so you don’t break your sunglasses. The temples fit above or below your eyeglass temples and actually are very comfortable.

Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses

I was actually pretty surprised at how comfortable the Cocoon OveRx sunglasses are and they do offer a great protection from sun and the elements. The OveRx sunglasses also work well for some protection like safety glasses but are not rated for safety glass use.

I have been working a little extra from my reviewing to earn some money and have been painting a daycare building which also requires some pressure washing before painting. The OveRx sunglasses kept water out of my eyes and off my more expensive glasses protecting them and keeping my vision clear.

The Cocoons OveRx sunglasses work well for everyday use like driving and outdoor activities as they stay on well and you can choose your style with the colors and shape. The lens choice also makes a difference for clear sight or a bit of enhancement using the variety of polarization and color.

The more polarization the less glare your eyes have to endure and the variety of colors have different properties like blocking blue light. The lens choice will depend on your general use of the sunglasses so you should check out the cocoons website to see what each lens color and light transmission would benefit your activities.

The OveRx sunglasses work extremely well for general sunglasses as well as sunglasses that will cover more than your eyeglasses for overall protection. The clip-ons I received from Cocoon also offer sun protection but are less obtrusive on your eyeglasses.

Cocoons OveRx

The Clip-ons cover your eyeglasses are fitted to the shape and size of your eyeglasses using the same printable guides from Cocoon. The size is important and Cocoons offers a wide variety to fit your glasses in two lens colors and polarization.

The clip-ons do not have the same wide variety of polarization and colors as the OveRx sunglasses but you can choose from amber or gray polarized lenses. The clips-ons are a less obtrusive choice in eye protection and they are a great quality clip-on.

When comparing the Cocoon clip-ons to other brands like those you can buy at Wal-Mart the Cocoons clip-ons have a sturdy metal clips and solid joints. The Cocoon clip-ons have been a great pair of sunglasses and are very sturdy which is a major concern for clip-ons.

Using the clip-ons you have to pull to the side to fit them on your eyeglasses and sturdy joints are a must to ensure quality and durability. The Cocoon clip-ons have been going strong and showing no signs of wear since receiving them over a month ago.

Cocoons Clip-Ons

The fit is great even when I had to slightly bend the clips to fit them on my thicker lenses but they had no problem with bending using a pair of needle nose pliers. The clips are securely welded on the frames and the center spring fit is a quality part of the sunglasses.

Both the OveRx and clip-on sunglasses feature a lifetime warranty from defect and the lenses are warranted for one year to be scratch free. Of course they do not warrantee from improper use and damage from things like dropping them so care in use is part of owning Cocoons.

The Cocoons also come with an eyeglass case in a neoprene case for the OveRx sunglasses and a slim hard case for the clip-ons. The Cocoons OveRx and clip-ons make a fantastic pair of sunglasses and but they are a bit higher priced than ones you buy at Wal-Mart or drug stores.

I highly recommend the Cocoon OveRx and clip-on sunglasses for eye protection when yu already wear sunglasses and cost $50 for the OveRx and $40 for the clip-ons.

Cocoons Website

Durable and good looking
OveRx have flexible temples
Variety of colors and UV protection

A bit expensive

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