Cleopatra 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

Cleopatra 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray

Cleopatra 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton star in the epic film Cleopatra which chronicles the life of Cleopatra from meeting Julius Caesar to her tragic love affair with Mark Antony.

Film making 4/5

Video 5/5

Audio 5/5

Bonus Features 5/5

Recommendation 5/5 Stars


Elizabeth Taylor plays Cleopatra while Rex Harrison plays Julius Caesar and Richard Burton plays Mark Antony in the epic dram Cleopatra. Cleopatra starts in 48 BC after the battle of Pharsalus where Julius Caesar defeated Pompey only to have him escape to Egypt.

Julius goes to Egypt to defeat Pompey only to find the boy ruler Ptomely who gives Caesar the head of Pompey to appease him. Caesar is not happy with the death of his adversary and instructs his advisor to find the rest of the body for a proper funeral.

Julius takes over in Egypt and returns to Rome for a few years before being killed by some of the senate that fear he will become too powerful a ruler. Cleopatra returns to Egypt and after the assassins of Caesar are killed Antony looks to Egypt for money and supplies in his fight to rule parts of the Roman Empire.

Antony and Cleopatra fight together against other rulers of the now broken Roman Empire until Antony falls on his sword thinking that Cleopatra is dead. While Antony is dying his friends bring him to Cleopatra to die and she kills herself shortly after.

Cleopatra was filmed in 1963, won four Academy Awards as well as several nominations but was a bit long at over four hours in length. Cleopatra is one of those rare films that truly marvels in both great acting and in historical accuracy.

The film does have an old look to it but it does look great on Blu-ray with an excellent transfer without any problems what so ever. The colors are a bit muted and things just look like they were filmed way back when but overall the film on Blu-ray is about as good as your ever going to get.

Audio is also very good with a great DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Surround Sound track along with five other tracks including Spanish, French, Catalan and Portuguese. The audio is excellent and of note is also an impressive subtitle selection for the film but overall you will not be disappointed with the impressive surround sound.

Surround has some great full field use while the epic score sounds fantastic with an updated re-mastering for the Blu-ray release. Both audio and video are as perfect as you will ever get and this is truly the way you want to watch one of these older classics.

Cleopatra on Blu-ray has a slew of bonus features with the movie being split on two Blu-ray discs and extras on both. There are plenty of making of features, retakes and lost footage features and much more including some new extras.

There are over 3 hours of extras and commentary with trailers and archival footage as well so bonus content is fantastic. Cleopatra 50th Anniversary Blu-ray release is how to do a film right on Blu-ray with an excellent transfer and enough extras that make it a worthwhile purchase instead of a rental.

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