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Wargame Red Dragon PC Review

Wargame Red Dragon PC Review

Wargame Red Dragon is the latest real time strategy game from Eugen Systems that puts you in charge of an Army, Navy and Air Force to defeat forces of 1970’s to 1990’s Asia.

Graphics & Audio: 20/25
Gameplay: 18/25
Creativity 20/25
Fun 20/25

Total: 78/100

Wargame Red Dragon
Wargame Red Dragon

Wargame Red Dragon is the latest release from Eugen Systems for the Wargame real time strategy series with a focus on 1970’s to 1990’s Asian theatre. Real time strategy puts you in charge of forces across a large area with air, naval and ground troops in both single player and multiplayer games.

Red Dragon has a single player campaign and a quick battle feature along with multiplayer mode against real gamers online with up to 20 players fighting at the same time. This twenty player feature may seem extraordinary but it works out well even if you’re not that good at the game.

Wargame Red Dragon is the third release in the Wargame series and now uses ground forces, air support and naval forces to fight with but it’s not exactly an easy game to play. In both the single player and multiplayer the key to any of the games when using the variety of forces is covering your butt.

Wargame Map
Wargame Map

Warfare of any type depends on several factors but when you come down to a basic strategy it’s having the right forces to counter whatever the enemy throws at you. The game starts with recon but having a balance of forces is where the game is won or lost and you need to balance your forces when setting up the game.

Each battle starts with a choice of units and knowing a bit about terrain and the general area can help but you need to do some trial and error as well. The single player campaign is a great place to learn Wargame while the multiplayer gaming will be the real test as well as the real fun.

Units are given a point value with better units being worth more and at the beginning of each battle you are given a base of points to spend on units. During the battle you earn points for victories and spend those points on reinforcements that come from a specific direction as indicated on the maps.

Battle Overview
Battle Overview

During the planning phase you need to decide what units to buy and place them accordingly while being able to earn other units helps to keep your forces replenished. Instead of buying expensive units that are more able to fight using units that cost less but are less painful to lose is a much better strategy.

My first win in Wargame Red Dragon was an all naval battle but was the start to me actually enjoying the game because of the difficulty involved. Strategy games are inherently hard but when you understand a few basic concepts like recon and force balance the game becomes much easier.

When setting up your forces you need to seriously look at terrain and how you are going to both advance to your objectives as well as hold them against attack. Some of the battles will be easier when retrying because the computer uses similar tactics when playing the single player campaign or instant battles.

Wargame Red Dragon Detail
Wargame Red Dragon Detail

Sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw when you choose the appropriate forces to fight against the enemy that just chose poorly or made some bad decisions. Mostly the fun comes from not only overall wins but being able to make decisions and have good outcomes from them like just being able to hold onto an area for ten or twenty minutes.

Wargame Red Dragon has a good balance of forces and does make choices like those better tanks and planes difficult when starting a battle and buying units. I found that having any forces to fight against others even when they are the lower cost ones is more important than having fewer but better units.

That is basically what the game is about and an important part of any real time simulation but Wargame does a good job of keeping this point front and center. The Campaign adds an overall tactics map with a larger area where you position forces and try to block or advance forces.

Modern Equipment
Modern Equipment

The campaign also focuses on land, air and sea and when your forces occupy the same area as the enemy a battle ensues but you can offer to decide the battle without fighting it directly. This means less time spent on individual small scale tactics and a focus on the larger strategy part of the game if you choose to.

The multiplayer gaming is really where Red Dragon is fun and can be fought with two to twenty players on the same map so you have a very wide variety to your strategy. It took a while to actually come out in front of any of my multiplayer games and I have not won very many but occasionally I do get the upper hand.

The multiplayer is much like the single player with your overall strategy map and then battles with players down to the last unit or till the other conditions set before the match. The game can be fun but it can also be some work at learning with a sharp curve to actually understand the game.

Wargame Red Dragon is a fun game but it does take some effort to figure things out and using the games single player and campaign is the better way to learn. A few online guides also helped a lot with figuring things out and actually standing a chance at winning.

While Red Dragon does take some serious effort at learning it can also be rewarding when you do win a battle and an overall war. If you are into the serious strategy games Wargame: Red Dragon is well worth a look but this is not a game for the faint of heart.

Wargame Red Dragon Website

Wargame Red Dragon @ Steam

Anomaly 2 Android Game Review

Anomaly 2 Android Game Review

Anomaly 2 turns the tower defense game into a tower offense with a few other twists like transforming vehicles and route variations but in the end tower offense is still a linear game.

Graphics & Audio: 18/25,

Gameplay: 16/25,
Creativity 20/25,
Fun 20/25

Total: 74/100

Anomaly 2 Android

Anomaly 2 from 11 Bit Studios takes the tower defense to the logical next step with a tower offense game but adds more twists and a multiplayer mode. Trying to turn the genre around and gain interest 11 Bit Studios did the logical by turning the tables on towers and hitting back.

Each map has a set goal but after a few practice levels you add the ability to alter your route and a variety of vehicles to mix things up but the multiplayer is probably the best variation here. The single player story mode starts out as a tutorial with simple missions but by the end oyu have plenty of options in vehicles, weapons and defenses.

The story mode starts out with a single vehicle and shows how you transform it for a better weapon choice which all vehicles have. You buy new vehicles using money you earn during the mission and at the start of each level as well as being able to buy defense weapons and repair abilities.

Transforming your vehicle changes it form a shrt range to longer ranged weapon while other transformations can use things like EMP blasts and repair abilities. I found that many of the transforming vehicles are not all that great and it is easier to pick the main type you want and worry about other matters.

Anomaly 2 also adds a decoy and heal ability to the mix so you have a few choices in tactics but in the end the goal is to get at least one vehicle to the end of a set path. You can have a variety of paths to choose from in game but yu do this form a paused map so the battle is not raging while your trying to decide where to go next.

Deciding on a path in some missions simply means which set of enemies you’d like to take on because no matter which path you choose you have about the same amount and power of foes. Other missions have the occasional alien that only attacks fomr one direction so it can give you an advantage at times.

Trying to make it seem like you have some choices is not really giving you freedom when the paths simply mean you can attack from a different angle but you still need to attack. Enemies are all over every map and changing paths simply gives you a slight advantage over a few of the enemies.

Some reviews argue that Anomaly 2 gives you freedom and choices while others say you still have the linear gameplay of a tower game but in the end it’s your choice. The game does have some variety and the linear route but for the low price of $5 it is a fun game and offers enough gameplay for the price.

Anomaly 2 tries hard at giving you the choice but for several of the beginning missions you have little to choose from while later missions end up being too frenzied to worry much about choice. When you have a few vehicles plodding along taking the time to plan and execute heals or transform vehicles is easy but later missions are too hectic.

You will find that trying to change paths, heal and keep your troops alive will be a tough task due to the amount of movements you have to perform on the android and iPad versions. I am using the Nexus 7 for this review and found the touch controls worked just fine.

There are 14 missions and enough gameplay in the single player story mode to maybe justify the price but with a multiplayer mode the game gets even more interesting. Multiplayer adds both hectic actions and variety so the game does contain enough of a new thing with gameplay to make it worthwhile.

Multiplayer puts two players head to head with one setting towers and the other trying to get through the maze the other sets against him. With the variety of towers and vehicles available and abilities for each side the game gets interesting and fun even if it is a bit short.

Video and graphics are just fine with a slight disadvantage to color choices for your cursor and vehicles which does make picking them out of the landscape a bit difficult at times. Audio is also decent enough but it is just as easy to crank up your tunes and listen to something more enjoyable as to listen to the crackle of energy cannons as they scorch your vehicles.

The main thing that sets this game apart from other tower defense games is the offensive twist the game starts with while the multiplayer adds even more gameplay. Anomaly 2 does very well with multiplayer and this adds a lot to the gameplay and value with simple offense and defense roles for players that are simple to use.

Anomaly 2 does very well with what it has to offer and in the end the game is fun without having much to worry about in variety or complexity. Anomaly 2 is well worth a purchase for the tablet but the PC version may make you think twice at the $15 price tag they have that edition at.

Anomaly 2 Website

Anomaly 2 @ Google Play

Baldurs Gate II: Enhanced Edition PC Game Review

Baldurs Gate II: Enhanced Edition PC Game Review

Baldurs Gate II receives a makeover with an enhanced edition that increases the size of your world among other improvements and extra content to boot.

Graphics & Audio: 20/25,
Gameplay: 20/25,
Creativity 15/25,
Fun 20/25

Total: 75/100

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Baldur’s Gate is described as one of the best role playing games and has spawned the second edition and its expansions as well as getting a makeover years after it released. Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is brought to us by Overhaul Games which is a division of Beamdog for Windows and MAC computers.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is a role playing game using the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rules with enhanced features over the first edition. The game includes the original Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal quests and includes the Black Pits II arena gaming.

While the main quests have you adventuring for days as your favorite dungeon dwelling heros the expansion also has side quests and extras like the Gladiators of Thay arena fighting. The Enhanced Edition includes a larger area for you to be able to see what is going on with today’s larger monitors but also includes additions to the main quests and the extras like the arena fights.

Inventory Page

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition for those that have not played this series is a typical role playing game with you choosing a character and outfitting them physically but not with much equipment. The game starts you off with a predetermined set of clothes and not much else but you do pick up weapons and other items along the way or purchase them using found loot.

While Baldur’s Gate II is a remake the same gameplay and tricks seem to work in the new edition that also worked in the base game and the expansions. Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition seems to be the same game with only a makeover and extras added in but the same base dungeon crawling is here.

Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced edition looks good and plays just fine for a role playing game but I really cannot compare it to the previous edition as I have not played it. Even if you just play the base quests you can easily spend hundreds of hours adventuring and leveling up your characters.

Typical Questing

You also get the arena game Black Pits II that has you fighting wave after wave of monsters in a simple hack, slash and cast type fight till your party is defeated. The game has lots of options for fun but it may not be for everyone if you have played the first edition.

The Enhanced Edition seems to be pretty identical to the first edition with the addition of characters, extras and an improved look. According to other reviewers that have played both editions the base game and gameplay is the same with an updated look and a new engine under the hood which works very well.

Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition has plenty of content while the game at its heart is a tough one with plenty of adventuring Dungeons and Dragons style. The rules and general gameplay have all the boring details like rolling dice and checking charts taken care of for you.


You can spend plenty of time nitpicking through weapons and armor as well as fighting through each quest to help level up your characters but in the end this is basically the same game as the original edition. Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition does have plenty going for it for role playing enthusiasts and does make a great game but it does have at its root an older game.

If you played the previous Baldur’s Gate II the new game may not be all that fresh but with a new look and added extras may be worth a look.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Website

Skylanders SWAP Force Wii Review

Skylanders SWAP Force Wii Review

Skylanders: SWAP Force continues the fantastic adventures and statue character swapping for the Skylanders universe which is a great game on the Wii and a more than worthy purchase.


Graphics & Audio: 20/25,
Gameplay: 19/25,
Creativity 22/25,
Fun 19/25

Total: 80/100

Skylanders SWAP Force Wii

Simple but diverse platforming forms the basis for Skylanders along with the feature of using toy figures to allow for easy swapping of characters in game. Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure started the craze of using small toy figures on a USB platform that changes characters in the game.

Aside from the great adventuring using the figures to swap out characters in game has to be the best feature of Skylanders because of the ease and time. It literally takes about ten seconds to swap a character and there is no clicking through menus or clicking on icons on screen.

Spyro’s Adventure started using the small statues used to swap out your in game character while Skylanders: Giants continued the adventure with larger characters both on screen and in game.

In the original Spyro’s Adventures there were 32 figures while the Skylanders Giants sequel added another 8 Giant figures and 16 new Skylander figures.

The SWAP Force game has added 16 figures that can be swapped out with each other to make 256 combinations from the sixteen figures. While not all of the newer figures can be used in the previous games any of the older figures can be used in the newer games for additional characters in game and unlocking new areas.

They have also released some previous figures again that include new abilities that the original figures did not have and are usable on those older games as well as the new ones. It may be a bit confusing about which figures are usable in which game but you can check out the Skylanders website for specifics.

Skylanders: SWAP Force introduces the two part Skylanders that allows you to combine different tops and bottoms of figures for even more in game characters. This allows you to combine the foot work of one character while using the upper body strength and attacks of the top half of the character for an additional mix of characters.

SWAP Force adds quite a few new characters where you get the variety of combining different parts but the main platforming is where Skylanders starts. These new abilities can make for some interesting gameplay but to actually finish the story of SWAP Force you can use just the figures in the Starter Pack.

You may not get to go in every area but you can finish the game and find out the full story of Skylanders SWAP Force only using three characters. The Starter Pack costs about $75 and comes with three characters while figures cost about $9 to $15 but are also available in packs of two and three figures.

Skylanders: SWAP Force like the other Skylanders games is a platforming adventure that has your character running around trying to complete the tasks given like defeating the bad guys or finding a special item. You run around beating foes and getting treasure using the figures to change characters in the game but you also add abilities in game for each character.

The levels are well laid out and only a few areas have the risk of falling off the ledges your running along so the game is pretty good for young kids. I really like the well done platforming that does not require such accurate jumping so you don’t have to spend lots of time repeating simple leaps or other moves.

Foes are not all that difficult to defeat while the first levels are as you would expect much easier then ones further on but even they are not all that difficult. The in game puzzles and simple puzzles that you have to solve along the way to move further in each level are also not that difficult.

Skylanders continues the excellent gaming experience with fun platforming that includes plenty of mini games and puzzles that add to the difficulty and adventure. Each level includes some mini games like the lock game where you need to puzzle through getting two in game characters together.

These mini games do have instructions so you have a chance at solving them but they do have a bit of thought to puzzle through before accomplishing them. Solving them for younger players may need a bit of help from someone older or wiser but the game does include a good variety of difficulty for all.

I keep referring back to younger players because this game does have the wide variety of age groups that it will appeal to mainly due to the cute figures used in the game. The games difficulty does not make it so hard for younger kids to play but it also has enough variety and adventuring to keep the game playable for more than just a few days for adults.

Levels are not just small areas either, you get to unlock more areas with more of the figures but even without them you can spend a good deal of time exploring and getting more loot. Activision sent me a couple extra characters and using them I did have some fun swapping out parts of figures which really adds to the fun and abilities.

One feature that was added in SWAP Force that really adds to your fighting and dodging is the ability for the characters to jump to avoid being hit. In a platformer this may seem odd but in the past you did not have the ability to jump but in the newest release your characters can bound around as well as run and fight.

You can also play with a friend being tethered to each other on screen but at least this allows for two to beat the stuffing out of the enemies. You can also go head to head in player versus player and arena modes where you fight against hordes of enemies to win the levels together or for high score.

The arena and player versus modes add a lot to the game and really make the game worthwhile for even more gameplay but you do have to find a friend. The multiplayer gaming is only local so your friend needs to be one sitting by you and not online but this adds even more to the Skylanders SWAP Force fun.

Skylanders: SWAP Force for the Wii has excellent video for the system with some really great looking cutscenes that really stand out. Video is top of the line for the system with bright colors and really well done effects that never had problems but the main look of the game is fantastic.

Audio is also excellent with great voice acting from prominent series actors Patrick Warburton and Kevin Sorbo while effects and music sound great. The game does well all around and is definitely a top rated release that is fun and has plenty of content.

While the game can cost a lot the Starter Pack is all that is required to successfully complete the story mode but you can find plenty of fun in player on player fights as well. You can fight one on one against others using the variety of figure characters they collect.

The Player VS Player uses any of the characters you have collected but also the in game abilities they have worked through. With the variety of collectible figures and the instant switching in game you have a game worthy of a purchase and even collecting those figures.

While you can spend quite a bit on new figures having a small variety would be easy and make for a fun time without costing too much. Activision has also required game developers to make current figures compatible with the new games so buying a couple figures now will allow their use in future games which Activision is working on for their Fall 2014 release.

I really enjoyed Skylanders: SWAP Force and highly recommend the game for adventurers wanting a fully-fledged game that has plenty for everyone.

Skylanders: SWAP Force Website

Skylander Figures

Swapping in game characters takes seconds
Game can be played with only a few figures
New areas and abilities added with new figures
Fun platforming adventure

Kids may get addicted and require figure collecting

Call of Duty: Ghosts PC & PS3 Review

Call of Duty: Ghosts PC & PS3 Review

Call of Duty returns for its annual offering with Call of Duty: Ghosts for all the current and next generation consoles as well as the PC but the game is just too familiar to warrant anything but a passing nod.

Graphics & Audio: 18/25,
Gameplay: 15/25,
Creativity 15/25,
Fun 12/25

Total: 60/100

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Video games are becoming more and more interactive movies with gamers not deciding moves or outcomes but merely deciding which weapons to use and using them. Call of Duty: Ghosts continues down this dark and endless nightmare of controlling only some of the action and less choice in how we accomplish our gaming goals.

I remember fondly the days when games like Ghost Recon allowed us to perform our final objective however we wanted and with a squad of soldiers equipped how we wanted. I would love a game that threw out the story other than a dozen or twenty objectives and had us move from level to level combating foes how we wanted to.

That would be a game I would pay money for but instead we continue to get these dramatic platforming action adventures that have us running down a tightly controlled tunnel shooting our way to the end. When the red overcomes our vision we are forced to back up a bit and try again with never a real choice in how we do things.

We can pick up a gun here and there and get a few more bullets but the path is ever laid out for us in a straight line where we are forced to follow like dogs. Speaking of dogs we do get to play as one from time to time in the campaign of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

As a dog you can sneak through the grass and attack the lone soldier who dies without much sound so as not to alert his fellow guards. Teeth baring and gnashing aside Riley is about the only real difference to this year’s Call of Duty release and the only real breath of fresh air.

The space level is not very fun and only adds a brief bit of novelty that is new to the series but not to gaming as other games have done this better. Levels range from the now familiar battle scenes of desert, jungle space and war torn city but nothing is really new to the series.

Whether it’s the single player campaign that is too narrowly focused or the small maps of multiplayer there is little in Call of Duty: Ghosts to bring a back. To call this release a first person shooter is an injustice to the much better games of the past that really allowed you choices in how you did things.

First person shooter gives you the idea that you will first and foremost shoot something and that you are going to control that shooter to accomplish some goals.  I really did enjoy the Ghost Recon of Tom Clancy fame and had fun revisiting but other games of the past show that it can be done well.

Call of Duty has spent numerous tries at making things different without accomplishing much in the way of new or innovative for years. Every year we get something new which under the cover of slightly better graphics and different looks to weapons is the same old linear platformer.

Yes, Call of Duty Ghosts is a platform adventure game and not a first person shooter as you spend whole missions just hitting buttons on command just to progress to the next section or objective. This means instead of deciding who to hit, where to go or how you are going to attack you are merely waiting for the game to tell you when to push a button.

This is not gaming in my opinion, it’s an interactive movie where you follow a closely scripted sequence and from time to time shoot your way to the next cut scene. Sure graphics look a bit better and the story is a bit different but you still follow closely in the same footpath your supposed to.

The game is also pretty much free of major problems other than that the boring path you have to follow and the button mashing so at least they got some things right. A few major problems are the cut scenes that are choppy and skip so you do miss some of the story that you are supposed to be getting.

There is also some break to this in the squad modes but we get no real sense that you’re playing anything different than the multiplayer modes but with only AI based squad mates which are not quite as good as the real thing. Multiplayer looks different than last year but is so similar that you could easily mistake it for last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Weapons and gadgets are also pretty much the same as the last few years with only a few differences that are not really enough to warrant anything other than a nod at how well the weapon looks or sounds. Sniper rifles and long range weapons are all but useless in the multiplayer and squad based other than to have something different to use but long range scopes just don’t work well.

Maps are at the very most eight players on a side which means in order to keep things interesting and fast paced they are also about eight blocks in size or smaller. Go around the neighborhood where you live and figure how two squads are going to fight it out with sniper rifles in an eight block section of your town.

The smaller map size does make for fast paced close quarters and medium range encounters but for larger groups and longer ranges you are not going to find anything in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Battlefield 3 and 4 has the longer ranges down pat and when comparing games Ghosts just does not have what it takes for larger maps.

If you are into those close quarters battles the game performs well but you do miss out on much including vehicles and sniper rifles which is a part of combat. Infinity Ward does a good enough job but they should take a year or two off to create a truly memorable experience in gaming.

They should also throw out the handbook and checklist they have been using to create their games and start out fresh and new with something that gamers are really going to enjoy. Call of Duty: Ghosts whether it’s the PC or the PS3 version is pretty much the same game as last year with a few differences here and there but nothing to really make it stand out.

Between both versions you have the major difference of a better system available in the PC and the more familiar FPS gaming mouse and keyboard available. The PS3 version offers the controller which may be a better choice for some but the game plays just as well on both systems.

The single player campaign is alright but too linear and uninventive while the multiplayer is just too small and close quarters only. You do have some coop missions and play against AI controlled squads but these are not enough to overcome a lackluster single player campaign combined with too small multiplayer maps.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will go down in history just like the last few release from Activision as yet another installment of Call of Duty. The PC version is so similar to the PS3 version that choice between them really comes down to what you prefer for control options and if you have a better computer to enjoy the graphics possible.

I hope Activision will change their tune in the next release and give gamers what they want instead of continuing to release a mediocre game that just follows meekly instead of breaking out with new and different.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Website

Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3

Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3

Activision and Treyarch bring us the next release in the Call of Duty franchise with Black Ops II but the genre is sliding downhill even though the multiplayer gaming includes a good variety of game modes.

Graphics & Audio: 16/25,
Gameplay: 14/25,
Creativity 16/25,
Fun 14/25

Total: 60/100

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

There are usually a wide variety of schools to choose from when discussing and serving up your favorite video game and especially those long running franchises like Call of Duty. One especially widely divergent look at the game can come from critics and gamers which is evidenced by the huge difference in scores on Metacritic between those two factions.

I want several things from a video game but most importantly I want to be able to play the full game without having to repeat the game to find the sections I missed because I chose to take one way and not the other. I do not want to play a first person shooter using even occasional platforming moves and it really makes me mad to have platforming in a game that touts itself as a first person shooter.

Call of Duty Black Ops II continues the franchise with a direct slide downward that I just hate to see as I used to like the games but they have become boring. Call of Duty like so many other franchises has stuck to a theme of what works now will continue to work in the next several game releases because people continue to buy the game.

Treyarch has designed Black Ops II with the same very narrow minded levels that the franchise has now become noted for and you have no choice with how to go about the single player campaign. The game is being touted that your actions dictate where the story goes which is a joke, your actions only dictate what levels you get to play and even then you only get to play them when the game wants you to.

Wait too long to get to those interesting Strike Force Missions that you can only play during some parts of the campaign and you miss out on them altogether unless you play through the single player story again. Treyarch uses the same tired old story along with the tired old IW engine that has been used since Call of Duty 2 with updates of course but it does lack the new quality of a modern engine.

Graphics, audio and gameplay effects are alright and at times great but the game just seems tired and worn-out in more ways than one with its reused plot, linear levels and forced platforming. I really hate it when a company decides not to take risks on anything and only follows along with what has worked in the past because there is never going to be anything new unless they quit repeating past game elements.

I would love to see a company dare to be different like past years when some dared to be different and included big open areas for shooters to perform missions however they want. Crysis and Far Cry broke the mold but lately they have even seemed to head back in the direction of linear levels where the gamer has no choice on where he goes.

In the single player section I found several parts very annoying to the point of wanting to quit like the cliff swinging part and the interrogation that were particularly frustrating. I guess I hated a lot of parts where you sit around and watch the screen without doing much except occasionally hitting a button to continue further along in the story.

It’s these mindless sections where I am forced to participate in the developer’s idea of a first person shooter and instead am forced to partake in an action movie as the hero. I felt more often than not in the single player campaign that I was watching an action film and occasionally had to press the remote to keep the movie playing.

Most of Black Ops II is just repetitive gameplay but a few times they do liven things up but more often than not you simply follow along in the story and get to shoot for a few minutes then go back to watching the story unfold. Even when they do introduce something new to the franchise they limit its use or only give it to you for a specified time and then you can’t return to play that section again without having to repeat the whole single player game.

Multiplayer is one area that the franchise has really done well and even though the maps and player counts are small there can be a lot of fun in the close combat you find yourself in. The ability to choose any weapon you want from any of the various so called classes really gives players the chance to create the type of warrior that is more realistic without having to sacrifice on firepower.

The multiplayer maps do give you the feel of close quarters and the various modes also give a variety to the gameplay but when all is said and done the main focus of the multiplayer is on smaller groups of soldiers shooting each other on four to eight blocks of space. Black Ops was a disappointment to me but I lost interest in the franchise after the last game with its myriad of problems at launch.

I would love to see the gaming developers give players the choice on how to perform missions instead of sticking us behind the trigger finger of the action hero. This game would benefit from a removal of the plot story points and letting the gamer just pick and choose which missions he wants to play without the cut scenes and without even having to play them in order.

Now there’s a thought, how about an update that gives you a list of all the missions and you just pick which one to play without having to play them in order and without cut scenes. At least then we could play mostly a first person shooter and get through the levels without having to sit through scene after scene of poor quality story.

Multiplayer and the newer additions belonging there are probably the only saving grace to this game in my opinion as the single player mission is not worth bothering with. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is not that great and even though there are some good points in multiplayer the game fails as a whole for a first person shooter.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Website