Capresso froth TEC

Capresso froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother

Capresso froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother

The Capresso froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother is the newest frother that adds frothing and heat features along with fully dishwasher safe components for a versatile and easy espresso companion.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

Capresso froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother

The Capresso froth TEC is an automatic frother that froths and heats milk as well as uses a fully removable and dishwasher safe pitcher for easy cleanup. The froth TEC features a plug in base for both the heating element and the frothing motor that turns the heating and frothing discs.

The froth TEC uses a frothing enhancer which is a plastic insert that goes into the bottom of the pitcher and holds the frothing or heating disc. The froth enhancer snaps into the bottom of the pitcher that is uniquely designed with a bottom made from a thick aluminum heat sink base and glass sides.

Parts of the froth TEC

The frother or heating discs are spun using a magnet that is turned on a motor that turns the discs in the pitcher using magnetism. The discs insert into the froth enhancer and was a bit tough to pull out for cleaning or changing but is easy enough for my wife to get out.

The main base of the froth TEC has three buttons for frothing without heat, medium heat and high heat along with a safety button in the heating area that ensures the base will not heat without the pitcher on the base. To froth or heat milk you simply pour milk up to either the heat or froth indicator on the glass side and press the appropriate button.

froth TEC w/ Latte

It only takes about two minutes to fully heat milk with the frother automatically shutting off after the milk reaches its temperature. Frothed milk should be about 150 degrees and the Capresso froth TEC brings it up to this pretty well.

Frothing without heat worked extremely well for smooth and creamy froth without having to heat it and the frother did this quickly. It does take longer to heat the milk than just froth but it does this in about two minutes so you can start the heating and work on the espresso part of your drinks while the froth TEC is working at heating and frothing your milk.

Simple Cappuccino

The Capresso froth TEC does an excellent job of frothing making the froth airy and light, smooth and creamy for perfect froth to add to cappuccinos. The frother does leave a little milk in the bottom that remains liquid for a great mix to the espresso for a tasty and tempting espresso based drink.

The Capresso froth TEC worked well and comes as an easy recommendation for a frother that works well and is easy to clean.


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