Capresso Tea Kettle

Capresso C100 Tea Kettle

Capresso C100 Tea Kettle

The Capresso C100 Water Kettle is a temperature controlled water kettle with settings for warming, green tea, white tea, oolong tea and black tea.

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Capresso Tea Kettle

The Capresso C100 Tea kettle is a temperature controlled water kettle that has settings for a range of teas and for warm water. The C100 tea kettle is an electronic kettle that has a base with temperature control and a short electric cord.

The C100 tea kettle from Capresso has a preset temperature that you select from the light up dial control on the base of the kettle. The temperature settings start with warming at 100 degrees and continue with green tea at 160, white tea at 175, oolong tea at 195 and black tea at 212 degrees.

whats in the box

The tea kettle has a temperature sensor in the kettle and a large domed heating element with a flip up cover and holds 6 cups of water. The kettle takes about seven and a half minutes to come to a full boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is the perfect temperature for black tea.

The preset temperatures are a great way to get the right temperature for your tea every time whether it’s an herbal blend or a straight kind. The settings for the main tea types are great and from these you can use them to heat your water for any herbal teas or other blends.

bottom of c100 kettle

The Capresso C100 water kettle works well is a safe way to heat water due to the base element not being exposed and the automatic shutoff. The tea kettle will not boil dry and will shut off when it reaches the maximum temperature of the dial setting.

The Capresso C100 has a pour spout that has a nice steady stream when pouring and the lid is easy to use with one hand. The glass is from Schott glass that is a high quality glass designed for the kettle and high temperatures that the kettle heats up to.

c100 markings

The bright blue markings and maximum indicator are very clear when you fill the water kettle and especially when there is water behind the markings. The base of the water kettle has nice foam feet so the kettle will not scratch or scuff tabletops.

I had no problems using the Capresso C100 Water Kettle and am very impressed with this simple yet well designed electric kettle. I really like the Capresso C100 Water Kettle and highly recommend it as a safe and efficient way to heat water for tea and any other uses you need hot water.

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Capresso C100 @ Capresso

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Safe and fast water kettle
Nice pour spout and foam feet
Temperature settings for variety of teas

Water may boil out of spout if filled too full

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