CamelBak Cloud Walker

CamelBak Cloud Walker Day Pack

CamelBak Cloud Walker Day Pack

The CamelBak Cloud Walker is not only your typical hydration pack but includes room for food, books or other essentials in the two main pockets with room to spare in the front pocket and side pockets.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

CamelBak Cloud Walker

The CamelBak Cloud Walker I received is an exclusive from TevaSphere that includes TevaSphere stitched on front but other than that is the same as the Cloud Walker you can buy at Camelback. The Cloud Walker is a daypack hydration pack with the removable Antidote reservoir that can be left in for quick sips or taken out to use the pack just for your stuff.

The Cloud Walker is about a foot and a half tall and nine inches wide with the main pocket being able to stretch to about four inches deep. The pack can hold a good amount of stuff like clothes, rain gear and lunch or electronics like a small laptop or a tablet in a case.

The main pocket on the Cloud Walker can easily fit your clothes, books or other objects while the hydration reservoir pocket is a thinner version of the main pocket. The Cloud Walker also has a smaller front pocket that can fit a tablet like my Nexus 7 or other items like a shirt, raincoat or pocket book.

Cloud Walker w/ Reservoir

The two side pockets are mesh and perfect for water bottles or rain gear like a seat cover for your bike which is what my wife has been using the daypack for. Since receiving the Cloud Walker my wife has been using it more for a bike pack almost daily when she rides home from work.

Using the rear pocket for a bike lock and cable instead of the hydration pack works well and the main pocket is perfect for her daily stuff. The front pocket fits her pocket book and keys while the side mesh pocket holds a rain cover for her bike seat that is actually a rain cover from one of my numerous camera bags.

The pack has the really comfortable shoulder straps with a center chest strap to keep the pack centered on your back and in place during heavy work like biking and jogging. The straps do a great job of keeping the pack on and are very comfortable with the chest strap being adjustable up and down on the shoulder straps.

The Antidote Hydration pack has the 2 liter hydration reservoir that has the wide mouth opening for easy cleaning and the well-designed bite valve. The CamelBak bite valves use a silicone rubber that is BPA free and very good at closing after you bite the valve to open it for your drink.

The bite valve also has an on off valve behind it to close the drinking tube when you want to so no water comes out whatsoever like when you’re traveling to your hiking or biking start point. Both valves ensure you have a way to quickly drink from the hydration pack and keep the drink tube closed when you don’t need it quickly.

The hydration pack is easy to fill and clean with the large three and a half inch opening but you may need to clean out the drinking tube and the hydration pack with more than just clean warm water. CamelBak has a cleaning solution and a cleaning kit if you use your CamelBak often and need a good cleaning or just mild dish soap and good rinsing works.

Back of Cloud Walker

The Cloud Walker pack itself is a quality material with very good stitching so the pack should last a good long time even with extended use. This is no low quality pack that will be falling apart soon and CamelBak has the Got Your Bak Guarantee where they will repair or replacement any manufacturer defects.

The CamelBak Cloud Walker makes a great smaller day pack that I really like much more for quick trips where I need a pack but don’t have lots of stuff. Most times when going to the library, a local meeting or just to work when my wife is planning to bike home a smaller pack works better.

Those large backpacks sold at big box stores for school just are too big for quick trips and the Cloud Walker is perfect for day trips to the park or wildlife refuge. The CamelBak Cloud Walker makes a great hydration pack that includes enough space for extras like lunch or clothing and has the usual great quality CamelBak is famous for.

Cloud Walker @ CamelBak

TevaSphere Website

Large enough for day trips and hydration
Bite Valve works very well
2 liter hydration reservoir holds plenty of water
Day pack works very well as a smaller backpack


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