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Bora 3 Piece Clamp Edge Power Tool Guide Review

The Bora Clamp Edge Power Tool Guide is a fantastic way to provide a straight edge on work pieces with the adjustable clamp that can be positioned anywhere along the clamps length.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
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Recommendation: 5/5

bora clamp edge set

The Bora Clamp Edge Power Tool Guide has a variety of lengths to provide wood workers and professionals with a handy way to clamp the straight edge to a work piece. The Bora Clamp edge are all deigned the same but come in a variety of lengths with the 3 piece set including a 24 inch, 36 inch and 50 clamp.

The Bora clamps size is not the total length of the clamps but the distance between the clamp faces as well as the longest piece of wood that will fit in the clamps. The end of the clamps have a loop for hanging the clamps on a nail or peg board hook for an easy way to store the set.

The Bora Clamps all have a straight edge made from ridge aluminum with a solid steel bar in the middle that the clamp uses to secure it. The end of the Bora edge clamp has the clamp handle that pulls the center round bar toward the end which pulls the rubber clamp onto your work piece.


The clamps are rubber coated with about a quarter inch pad to protect your work while the pads can swivel so the clamp can be used at an angle. Bora says you can use the clamp up to a 22.5 degree angle but in practice I found this may or may not be true depending on the work piece you’re trying to clamp on.

Rough wood is just fine and I had no problems clamping onto the rough plywood but for finished press boards with smooth ends the clamps do not hold on the smooth edges. I have press boards with laminated surfaces and the clamps will clamp on at 90 degrees with no problems but not at greater angles because of the smooth sides.

The clamp is easy to use with the movable clamp having a rear latching handle that locks the moving clamp along the round bar with three metal locks. To clamp the Bora Clamp Edge on a work piece you snug up the fixed clamp against the work piece and lock the moving clamp in place on the other side of the work piece.

The handle on the fixed end is flipped down toward a 90 degree angle to clamp the clamp edge down on the work piece with the maximum hold being the last 90 degree position. When you use the clamp edge at varying angles you will need to make sure the clamps faces are square on the work piece before clamping.

The 24 and 36 inch long Bora Clamp Edge is great for smaller projects while the 50 inch is perfect for cutting up sheets of plywood. All the clamps have a nice square clamping that works well and the clamps themselves do not hurt your wood due to the soft rubber face.

The clamps face have a 1.5 inch tall and 1.875 inch wide pad so there is enough height on the clamps to grab two 3/4 inch plywood pieces together. The clamps have been made with larger clamping area and the 1.5 inch tall face was specifically designed to hold those two sheets of plywood.

I was able to clamp the Bora Clamp Edges down at angles but depending on the wood side it might not be tight enough to use a circular saw against. Smaller angles would work fine and I had no problems using them at five to ten degrees when cutting shelves out of smoother wood.

It really depends on how rough or smooth the edges are and how well the rubber pads dig into the sides to ensure the clamps hold when using them at angles. I did get the clamps to work on sheet plywood at angles but the clamps work best at 90 degrees and at smaller angles below 10 degrees on smooth wood.

The Bora clamps work great with wood that has one side straight and one angled so you can use as much of those odd pieces of wood lying around. I had no problem cutting up several pieces of wood for shelves in a closet using up some wood from previous projects.

I have been using the Boar Clamp Edge set for my current renovation project which is shelves in my kitchen so the clamps have come in very handy. They are easy to use and much faster than using C clamps and a straight edge to cut pieces of wood up to the 48 inch edge of a full sheet of plywood.

I also used the 36 inch clamp to hang a sheet of plastic over the doorway of the pantry I was sanding to keep the plaster dust contained. The Bora Clamp worked well to simply clamp the sheet on the frame of the door and left no marks on the frame so there are more ways to use the clamps than for cutting and routing wood.

The Bora Clamp Edge 3 piece set costs about $90 online at sites like Amazon while stores do carry them like Home Depot for about $100. I highly recommend the Bora Clamp Edge for an easy way to cut and router wood sheet goods including full sheets of plywood.

Bora has both regular width and wider clamp edges up to 100 inches and smaller for handy clamps that are perfect for woodworkers and do it yourselfers.

Bora Clamp Edge @ Amazon

Bora Website

Easy to use for cutting and routing
Strong clamp feature
Large clamp face holds 2 sheets of 3/4 plywood

May not clamp at angles on smooth surfaces

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