Boombot Rex

Boombotix Boombot Rex Ultraportable Speaker

Boombotix Boombot Rex Ultraportable Speaker

The Boombotix Boombot Rex is a small portable speaker that connects to devices using Bluetooth or the rear 3.5 mm stereo connection for a convenient speaker.

Ease of Use, Performance:  3/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  4/5
How much I enjoy: 3/5

Recommendation:  3/5 Stars

Boombot Rex

The Boombot Rex from Boombotix is a handy portable speaker that comes in a customizable weatherproof case that also has a clip for hanging on a belt. The Boombot Rex comes with the speaker, a USB charging cable and two 3.5 mm audio cables along with the instruction manual.

You can buy other covers that include a new belt clip and connection covers but the covers that push into the slots may be a bit tough replacing. I received a replacement set for the Boombot Rex and tried to change the rear rubber covers that fit in a slot and one of them ripped.

Boombotix Boombot Rex

The three rear connections are also facing the belt clip so you cannot use the belt clip and wear the speaker while having anything plugged into it. The rear connections are protected with push on covers that fit well enough but this means the case is only somewhat water proof.

The Boombot Rex connects with either the included stereo audio cables or the Bluetooth connection which works well and has a good range. The speaker sounds pretty good at normal volumes but when you crank up the sound the small portable speaker distorts audio.

whats in the box

The Boombot Rex has an internal lithium ion battery that takes about an hour to charge while it has a good six hour life span when fully charged. The Boombot Rex has a good battery life and is easy to charge using the rear micro USB connection from either a device like a laptop or from a power adapter.

The Boombot Rex has a rear output stereo connection to connect other speakers to this one for more sound while you can also use the rear 3.5 mm input to connect the speaker directly to your source. I had no problems using both the rear input connection and Bluetooth to connect the speaker to a variety of devices like a small computer in my kitchen.

Replaced Clip and Cover

The belt clip can come in handy to wear the speaker while doing things like walking but because the rear connections face toward the belt clip you cannot have anything plugged in while wearing it. The Boombot Rex has a variety of colors and designs available and you can get new front covers and clips in a variety of colors.

Like I mentioned earlier the small tab on one of the rear covers ripped off when I tried replacing them so you may want to avoid doing this often. The front cover twists off with small tabs that lock it into place while the clip simply slides off the spring steel belt clip.

Under the Cover

Replacing the cover and clip should not be done often because the belt clip is hard to get on and off while the front cover is also a bit hard to twist off. I can see the tabs breaking eventually if you keep replacing the cover so this is something you should only do a few times to prevent damage to the cover tabs.

I was not impressed with the sound of the Boombot Rex for a $120 speaker but it does sound pretty good at normal volumes and lower ones. The speaker is a bit expensive and I have found other speakers at a lower price with the same features that sound better at all volumes.

Boombot Rex w/ Purple Cover

While the Boombot Rex sounds pretty decent I have reviewed other speakers that sound better but if you like the style and shape of the Boombot Rex it does sound good enough for general use. The Boombot Rex costs about $120 from their site as well as Amazon and replacement covers are about $20 if you want a different design.

While a high recommendation is not coming for the Boombot Rex it does sound pretty good and more than good enough for general use to listen to tunes or even movies.

Boombot Rex @ Boombotix

Moombot Rex @ Amazon

pretty decent portable speaker
Good range and battery life
wide choices of colors and new covers

Distortion at higher volumes

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