Body of Proof Season 3

Body of Proof: The Complete Third Season DVD Review

Body of Proof: The Complete Third Season DVD Review

Dana Delany returns for more Body of Proof but with some changes to the cast to shake up the third season with an old romantic interest of Doctor Hunts.

Film making 4/5
Video 4/5
Audio 5/5
Bonus Features 3/5

Recommendation 4/5 Stars

Body of Proof Season 3

Dana Delany stars as Dr. Megan Hunt, a medical examiner after a car accident ruined her career as a neurosurgeon in Body of Proof. Dr. Hunt is a medical examiner and along with a police detective they solve some of the more demanding crimes of their city.

Body of Proof is in its third and last season of the show as NBC did not renew their series for a fourth season so this is the end. Dana Delany is great as a medical examiner who struggles with personality clashes and solving cases but she never falters in her ability.

Dr. Hunt can see through many of the veils that criminals put up to hide their crimes and she does a great job of finding the truth behind the clues. This season sees returning cast of Chief Medical Examiner Kate Murphy played by Jeri Ryan but Peter Dunlop of the previous season is not back.

Peter Dunlop was medico legal investigator who helped solve cases alongside Dr. Hunt but the season 2 finale had him die in Dr. Hunts arms. Tommy Sullivan played by Mark Valley joins the cast as a detective who works with the medical examiner’s office to solve the more mysterious cases.

Season three has the main theme as the new detective working alongside the team but another theme of the season is the story behind the death of Dr. Hunt’s father. Megan’s father died before the show of an apparent suicide but she uncovers some clues that he was a victim of foul play.

The end of the season has Dr. Hunt uncovering the murder and finding out who killed her father and now wants to silence Dr. Hunt about it. Dr. Hunt does a great job of finding the killer but a past suspect who was never proven as a criminal does her a final favor at the end of the series.

Body of Proof is a good show but a lack of slightly better focus on Dr. Hunt’s father and maybe a better look into his murder would have made a better season. I just found a lack of personal interest in Dr. Hunts father made the season long theme lack real interest as anything other than a simple murder case.

Video for the DVD release of the Complete Third Season of Body of Proof is really good bordering on perfect with a great color palette. The show has always looked very good with a clean look to the video even when viewing insides of bodies or dirty street scenes.

Body of Proof just does a great job with video and audio is also well done with clear voice and great surround sound from the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound track. The audio has a great surround with well used rear speakers for an overall great audio experience for all episodes.

Bonus content includes four making of features and a gag reel that is alright but not really well done for some decent but short extras. The bonus features are worth a look for a peek behind the scenes of shooting in studio to get an outdoor scene and creating the look of Philadelphia from sunny Los Angeles.

The extras are appropriate for the shorter season and are all worthy to be included on the release so you do get enough extras in this series finale. Body of Proof: The Complete Third Season and the shows finale is well worth a purchase mainly due to the excellent acting beginning with Dana Delany.

Body of Proof: The Complete Third Season rounds out an excellent series and one that I highly recommend for its great acting and character development. The show does lack a few plot points and season long themes so the show did not find itself renewed for another season but it will be missed.

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