Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer Set

Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer Set Review

Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer Set Review

The Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer is a plastic mesh strainer that allows quick and easy tea brewing by the cup while the Bodum 12 oz BISTRO mug allows for a stylish way to enjoy your tea.

Ease of Use/Performance: 3/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 3/5
How much I enjoy 3/5

Total: 3/5

Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer Set

It’s the small things in life that make your day a bit happier and more comfortable and the Bodum Yo Yo Set can add a little lift to your spirits. The Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer Set comes with the Yo Yo tea strainer which is a plastic and plastic mesh strainer with a lid that doubles as a trivet.

The Bodum Yo Yo set also comes with the Bodum BISTRO 12 ounce mug made from durable heavyweight borosilicate glass that is dishwasher and microwave safe. The Yo Yo tea strainer is a plastic strainer with a mesh side and holes in the bottom for maximum tea saturation but the bottom holes may be too big.

Bodum Yo Yo Set

The Yo Yo tea strainer is great for loose leaf tea and fits a wide variety of glasses and mugs due to the slimmer 2.75 inch diameter strainer. The plastic mesh is a smaller size than the bottom holes which is kind of surprising as some loose tea may slip into your cup from the bottom holes.

Using a drill bit set I found the holes on the bottom are about a gauge 40 which is .040 inches, somewhere between 1/32 and 1/16th of an inch. The mesh part is much smaller than this and holds in the tea very well but I have had some tea come from the bottom holes.

home brew tea

The strainer comes with a lid that also doubles as a trivet to keep the mess when you remove the strainer form your cup to minimum. The strainer works well but I would have liked the holes on the bottom either smaller or no holes at all because they are a bit larger and do allow tea to slip through.

I have received quite a few tea products and reviewed a few to check out how they make tea from loose leaf and the Bodum Yo Yo is the easiest and most convenient I have seen yet. Most of those tea dunkers that clamp shut let out too much tea into your cup while strainers like the Yo Yo should work better.

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I was kind of surprised at the bottom holes and would recommend this more if the holes on the bottom were smaller. The BISTRO mug is a great coffee and tea cup but the Yo Yo strainer just has the holes on the bottom that are too large.

My wife has started to sell her own blends of caffeine free teas and the cup with strainer works well but you do get bits of tea in your cup. The Bodum Yo Yo works well for the most part but I think the holes in the bottom were a mistake.

The Bodum BISTRO cup is a nice coffee and tea mug but the holes in the Yo Yo tea strainer make me hesitate to fully recommend it. If you don’t mind a few dregs in the bottom of your cup the Yo Yo Tea Strainer works well enough and is handy.

Yo Yo Set @ Bodum


Easy to use and cleanup
Cup is sturdy and thick
Strainer can hold plenty of tea

Holes in bottom are too large

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