Bitdefender 2014

Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Review

Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Review

Computer security software now comes with plenty of fierce competition and only a few issues mar my experience with Bitdfender Total Security 2014 to lessen my recommendation.

Ease of Use, Performance:  2/5
Look & Feel:  3/5
Features:  3/5
How much I enjoy:  3/5

Recommendation:  2/5 Stars

Bitdefender Total Security 2014

Bitdefender Total Security is your all in one security suite including anti-virus, firewall, spam filtering, credit protection and all around computer protection. Bitdefender has a lot for your money and the antivirus is the start to a good set of security programs with top protection.

Bitdefender has been awarded top protection and removal from for its antivirus software that is the feature of Bitdefender Total Security. Other features like credit protection include a wallet to guard your passwords and credit card numbers as well id theft protection.

Bitdefender Total Security follows along with other companies by dropping a yearly designation for their software and simply calling each product what it is. Once Bitdefender Total Security is installed everything is available from a main home page or from a widget that can be opened on your desktop.

One feature of having to open the home page and then working through a few pages to get to the feature I wanted could be annoying when I simply wanted to scan my computer. Other times for side features like parental controls I could see having to search for but main update and scans should be a one stop shop in the widget or the home page.

Bitdefender Total Security Scan

Bitdefender worked fairly well on my system and I did notice a bit of a slow down when running scans but nothing that really took away from my experience. Gaming with the gamer mode worked well and easily is a plus in their favor but other features and even company support was problematic.

I have no complaints at all for setup and installation as I had no problems when installing Bitdefender Total Security on two systems. Uninstall went fairly well but I did not notice the first time when the uninstall asked if I wanted to install a quick scan app when i was uninstalling their software.

I was rather upset with the program after a few days of dealing with customer support on a couple of issues that I just don’t agree with. One issue was after submitting a support ticket and then trying to find that ticket I had to actually ask support about my ticket in order to find anything about it.

Customers are not allowed to view their own support tickets and there is no way to find out what you have submitted to them other than to email or call them on the phone. I find this odd that your own support tickets are not listed in your account but it would be a hassle in some situations. If a business has more than one person dealing with computers and several issues come up they have no way of knowing what has been submitted and what has not.

Bitdefender Events

Another issue I had was with ID Theft Protection which is a good service if it gives you some sort of information if there is a problem but I could not get an answer on the issue I found. I signed up for the service through the installation and on one computer I got a credit report alert that says “A change in your credit report has been detected.”

What does that even mean? Does it mean that a new credit company has checked my credit or it could mean someone has opened a new credit card in my name. There is no further information and I would have to pay for more information if I wanted it by subscribing to their full Id Theft Protection.

When you click on the View Reports button form the home page of Bitdefender it takes you to a full page ad to enroll for more ID Theft Protection. This does not open to a report but to an ad from the company ID Watch Dog that is actually doing the ID Theft Protection for Bitdefender.

Another issue I came across when trying to do some troubleshooting of a game is there is no way to completely turn off Bitdefender Total Security or pause the protection. You need to go into each section like firewall or antivirus and turn that off but the base program is still running in the background.

ID Theft Protection View Reports

I wanted to completely turn off Bitdefender and not have it run at all and the only way I found to do this was to uninstall it which is not much of a solution. I could not even remove the autostart feature and not have the program run at startup when I booted my computer because it would not allow me to disable the Bitdefender program.

It’s these issues that make me not recommend Bitdefender as a security software suite above other just as capable security suites from other companies. While independent testing and checking out my own downloaded virus files went well its other issues that really have me shaking my head.

I found some other issues where customers are automatically signed up for renewal wand it has been a hassle to stop the automatic renewal or to get a refund after their credit cards are charged. I think customers deserve the choice to renew their subscription instead of having to find out it has been charged to your credit card and having to try to get a refund.

Several customers complain about not having some kind of easy way to remove this automatic charge from their account and have been charged for another year. I just think that they should prompt you whether you want to renew your subscription instead of doing it automatically as a matter of business.

It’s all a part of good customer relations that I find Bitdefender is lacking so I would just go with another software solution for your internet security. I just had to many hassles with Bitdefender Total Security and do not agree with some of their policies and customer support features.

I just cannot recommend Bitdefender Total Security as issues like lack of support for features and customer service need to be better. Bitdefender needs to work on customer service and getting clear information to their customers when they do offer features in their software.

Bitdefender Website

Bitdefender @ Amazon

Antivirus wins top awards from
Full Protection Suite is pretty easy to use

Customer Support needs some work
ID Theft Protection is not worth it
Cannot look at Support Tickets

No way to pause or turn off full program

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