Mission Belt in Battleship Gray

Battleship Gray Mission Belt Review

Battleship Gray Mission Belt Review

The Mission Belt Company uses a unique no holes design with a latch and tooth system to keep the belt at the desired size with adjustments every quarter of an inch.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5
Total: 5/5

Mission Belt

The Mission Belt Company does something unique with both their belts and their company as they give a dollar from each sale to charity. The Mission Belt Company donates to Kiva.org where they give money to help fight poverty through loans on a small scale called micro-lending.

The great effort they are making is worthy of a look but my review is all about the belt itself so to the Battleship Gray Mission Belt. The first thing you notice about the mission belt is that it has no holes but I have seen this before in the military.

Buckles that use clamps to hold onto the belt wear down the belt right where it clamps on but the Mission Belt does not use a clamp. It uses a latch and tooth system much like those teeth and latch systems on hand winches but this is on your belt.

Battleship Gray Mission Belt

The buckle has the latch and the belt itself has a flat set of teeth that run the length of a section where it does the most good near the end. The toothed section is 7.5 inches long so the belt has that much adjustment for weight gain and loss.

You can buy the belts in a variety of sizes and simply cut the end off near the buckle to get it sized right for your waist. Simply order the belt that fits you with a little extra to spare like I did and you will be fine as you can always cut off some of the belt.

The mission belts have a good looking buckle in a variety of colors with the plastic coated ones having a nice clear coat on the buckle. The front of the buckle and the belt loop has the thick clear coat with the base of battleship gray underneath.

mission buckle and teeth

The rest of the buckle is chrome covered steel for a great looking buckle but the no holes part really makes this belt stand out. The Mission Belt has one feature that does make it different and that is the no holes to prevent wear and tear on the belt.

Military belts I have used have a small bar that presses against the webbed belt that wear line but it’s those belts with holes that are the worst. The Mission Belt will last much longer because there is no high stress points like holes in the belt and the buckle uses a latch to hold your belt in place.

The belt and buckle have no points that are rubbing in the same spot to cause one spot to wear over others so the belt and buckle will last. The leather belt itself will wear over time but with much less strain on any single point like traditional belts.

Misson Belt

Just how long it will last is something I am going to find out and will get back to you in the months and years to come. I have been wearing the Mission Belt for a couple months and it looks as good as the first day I unboxed it with no signs of wear at all.

I bought and started wearing a leather belt the same week I received the Mission Belt and the leather belt has wear around the holes already. The leather belt is already showing much more wear than the Mission Belt which is just what the holeless belt is made for.

I highly recommend the Mission Belt a as high quality and great looking belt that uses a hole less design to prevent wear and tear.

Mission Belt Co.

Real Leather Belt
No hole design prevents wear on the belt
Buckle is solid steel with chrome plating
A dollar of the purchase price goes to charity


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