Baratza Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder

Baratza Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder

Baratza Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder

The Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder from Baratza is a great coffee grinder for that professional barista machine that brings your coffee enjoyment to the next level.

Ease of Use/Performance: 23/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 20/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 89/100

Baratza Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder

The Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder brings your coffee and espresso to a new level of enjoyment with this professional quality machine that costs about $170 new or $100 refurbished from Barista. The Maestro Plus is not the same model as previously sold because the company received several complaints about a particular plastic part and redesigned the part to increase strength.

The Baratza Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder has upgraded parts after the company received several complaints so they fixed the problem. I am reviewing the newer machine and have had great results with beans purchased from a local coffee shop that roasts their own called Dunn Bros Coffee and store bought whole beans.

I usually buy store bought whole beans like the Wal-Mart brand or a variety of others that are on sale for my daily caffeine fix and occasionally and especially for a review I get the good stuff. I found a local place named Dunn Bros Coffee that roasts their beans in store so you get the freshest roast beans you could possibly buy at a good price.

Aside from getting the good fresh roast beans from a local store I also do the dreaded and largest mistake a coffee aficionado can do, I buy store bought bags of roast coffee. I can’t afford the good stuff all the time so I buy the lesser expensive more affordable and actually decent whole bean coffees at Wal-Mart and other local stores.

I usually use my most current coffee maker for my morning cup of coffee or espresso and recently have been using a Moka pot and a French press coffee maker until the French press broke. The Moka pot works well and my DeLonghi Pump Espresso Maker makes passable espresso but my AeroPress makes great coffee so I have plenty of different ways of using the grinder.

The Maestro Plus is a conical burr grinder that uses stainless steel conical burrs to evenly crush and grind whole coffee beans with a slow gear reduction system. The Maestro Plus has a nice solid body with a metal base and plastic outer body with plastic bean hopper and ground bins.

The reduction means a slower grind for the conical burrs and less static and heat buildup while grinding which means all the problems of cheaper grinders are not here. The Maestro Plus has a good quality motor that does not groan or slow down from grinding and the burr grinder does great at any type of whole bean coffee.

I have tried a whole variety of both the store bought beans from dark French and espresso roast to lighter roasts and even a flavored roast coffee or two. Using the dark roast espresso and several other fresh roasts I have tried have worked very well in the Maestro Plus coffee grinder with good even grind and no problems with clogging or clumping.

Without making the next economic step upward toward an even more expensive grinder or a much more expensive espresso maker the Maestro Plus is about the best you’re going to get for the price. The Maestro Plus coffee grinder does a great job of grinding all types of beans from dark to light roasts and those oily flavored coffees work just as well.

I had no problems using the Maestro Plus grinder for the couple of months I have had it and I found it worked very well on a daily basis. The grinder puts out consistent particles of the same size and without dust for a great grind that works well for both regular drip and other types of coffee.

The Maestro Plus has the timer knob on the side as well as a push button grind on the front when you want to hold an espresso portafilter under the grounds chute. Just place the espresso portafilter under the chute but not tight against the top and push the front button to grind directly into an espresso filter.

The grounds bin can hold about a pound of ground coffee and is nice for daily use for grinding beans for both French Press and Moka pots or the regular drip coffee maker. I found the adjustment settings on the coffee grinder using the top bean container adjustment worked well for quick and easy adjustment of the grind.

The lowest setting grinds fine enough for the more inexpensive espresso makers like my DeLonghi pump or a Moka Pot to make good espresso. The adjustment can give you large grinds for those French presses or the regular drip coffee makers without any problems with dust.

The grinder is made with the slower gear reduction for a better grind that does not have static build up anywhere due to several of the design features. The body and motor are a metal design and the plastic is chosen to help eliminate static during the grinding.

The grounds come out the chute evenly and do not clump up or stick to the sides of the plastic grounds bin and I had no problems pouring or scooping grounds into filters or the Moka pot. The Maestro Plus has no problems with static or the previous problem of smaller plastic tabs that some have noted on reviews.

I found the Maestro Plus to be an excellent grinder for both smaller espresso grinds and larger drip or press pot grinds and the AeroPress also made great coffee using the coffee grinder. I had no problems and enjoyed trying the Maestro Plus grinder to make great tasting coffee and espresso drinks.

I highly recommend the Maestro Plus Grinder from Baratza for an excellent grinder that works well for grinding both espresso and larger ground coffee.

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