Arrow: The Complete First Season

Arrow: The Complete First Season Blu-ray + DVD

DC Comics’ superhero Green Arrow makes its way to television with Stephen Amell starring as Oliver Queen, the hero who wants to clean up his city.

Film making 4/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 3/5

Recommendation 4/5 Stars

Arrow: The Complete First Season Blu-ray + DVD

Oliver Queen played by Stephen Amell, is a rich son who finds out that his father is behind much of the rampant crime that has befallen his city. The Queen family along with other wealthy individuals is working behind the scenes to make themselves richer at any cost.

Oliver and his father take a trip on a small yacht and wind up being the two of three survivors on a life raft in the middle of the North China Sea. After several days at sea his father tells Oliver that he is the cause of much of the suffering in their city and Oliver needs to survive in order to make things better.

Oliver’s father gives Oliver a book listing all the people who have corrupted and harmed their city and then shoots the other survivor and then himself. Oliver is left alone with the small supplies left until he washes up on an island near China.

Oliver survives for five years on the island where he helped stop a plan to shoot down an airliner as well as learned skills to become a crime fighter. Oliver returns and starts his quest to take on that list of dirty people and their underlings that are doing their dirty work.

Oliver starts working his way through the list only to find out that another bow wielding character tries to stop him in his quest. Oliver has several run-ins with the police and the nickname The Hood becomes his pubic superhero name for Oliver while the Dark Archer is his main nemesis.

Oliver has several relationships including his old girlfriend even though she found out that her sister had gone along with Oliver during that ill-fated cruise.

Oliver spends his days split between rich playboy returned to civilization and his superhero crime fighting with a nemesis that is big enough to last several seasons.

Arrow is a really good series with great acting and writing with a plot that has a deep base with Olivers stay on the island. The series makes use of the superhero comic staple but without a super power creating lab accident for a more realistic slant.

Arrow Blu-ray and DVD edition has four Blu-ray and five DVD discs with great but not perfect quality in video and audio for both versions of the series. The Blu-ray quality for video is great with mostly subdued but sometimes rich colors and all around well done video with very little quality issues.

Sound is great with the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound master track that uses great surround and deep bass when appropriate but not too much. The audio keeps things centered on the action and voice comes across well at all times so you don’t miss the plot and rich subplots.

Bonus content includes deleted scenes, three making of features and panel discussion for the series that works well but is about average. The stunt feature is the best that shows stunt work and behind the scenes moments during filming but the panel and Arrow Comes Alive! is pretty good at times.

Arrow is compared a lot to The Dark Knight and it does have a lot of similarities but is also different enough on its own merit as an action adventure. Arrow uses a realistic plot to keep things grounded and more of a down to earth superhero adventure even if The Hood does have some unbelievable moves.

Arrow: The Complete First Season is well worth a purchase for superhero fans and action enthusiasts alike for a great entertaining adventure.

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