Arkon Tablet Mount Flex Arm

Arkon Heavy Duty Adjustable 12” Tablet C Clamp Mount with Flex Arm

Arkon Heavy Duty Adjustable 12” Tablet C Clamp Mount with Flex Arm

The Arkon Heavy Duty Clamp Mount with Flex Arm is a great way to mount a tablet just about anywhere including on desks or tables.

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Recommendation: 5/5 Stars

Arkon Tablet Mount w/ Flex Arm

I wanted to improve the ease of taking pictures of my products and purchased a Nexus 7 tablet but I also wanted a way to mount the tablet on my tripod. I am using a DSLR app to control my Canon camera but wanted a way to easily view my Nexus 7 tablet and take pictures.

Arkon Tablet Mount w/ Flex Arm Whats in the Box

The Arkon Heavy Duty Adjustable Tablet C Clamp Mount has a flex arm that allows you to clamp the arm to just about any surface like countertops and desks. You can remove the c clamp to use the four bolt holes to mount the flex arm wherever you want like on a tripod.

The Heavy Duty Mount from Arkon uses a large spring loaded clamp device to hold your tablet securely using rubber coated feet that are interchangeable. The flex arm comes with two sets of four feet so you have a range of 6 to 9.5 inches holding width that holds 7 to 12 inch tablets.

The spring holds your tablet securely and the rubber feet make sure it does not slide out of the holder so your tablet is secure while the flex arm is quite rigid. The flex arm of the Arkon is made from a 3/8th inch thick piece of aluminum covered by a plastic cover to make things look nice.

Arkon Tablet Holder w/ Nexus 7


The flex arm holds its shape and does not droop or bend with even three or four times the weight of an average tablet. I had no problem with keeping my tablet at whatever position I wanted while using it on my tripod.

I used a couple of pipe clamps to mount the Arkon flex arm on the tripod and it holds the tablet at just the right height and angle for working on my product shots. I have also used the Arkon Heavy Duty Clamp Mount on a desk and table and it works well but for my daily use I am keeping it mounted to my tripod for my Nexus 7.

The Arkon Heavy Duty Adjustable 12” Tablet C Clamp Mount with Flexible Neck makes an excellent mount and holder for tablets and the flex arm holds things steady with its thick aluminum wire. I highly recommend the Arkon Heavy Duty Mount with Flexible Neck for a great tablet holder that clamps to a wide variety of surfaces.

9 Inch Display on Arkon Mount

Sturdy Flex Arm for Tablets
Holds variety of Tablets
Versatile Clamp Base

Aluminum Arm might Kink with Over Bending

Tablet Mount @ Arkon




Arkon Tablet Mount w/ Flex Arm on Tripod

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