Sweet Potato Rolls by Alexia

Alexia Artisan Sweet Potato Rolls

Alexia Sweet Potato Rolls

Alexia Sweet Potato Rolls are a frozen bread roll that goes from freezer to dinner table in just 12 minutes with some tasty and healthy fresh baked goodness.

Convenience/Storage: 4/5
Appearance/Creativity: 5/5
Value: 4/5
Just how good is it: 5/5

Recommendation: 4.5/5

Alexia Sweet Potato Rolls

Reviewing food is a strange part of my job and I have approached it with a bit of caution as well as an open mind for many of the things I have tried. I have not had a lot of food products tossed my way and this is one that I can definitely get in front of if it is offered in more stores soon.

Alexia Foods is a frozen food company more known for potato and sweet potato products such as frozen French fries and sweet potato fries but they have several frozen breads as well. I have bought and enjoyed their sweet potato fries and even fried some up in deep fat fryers I have reviewed previously and jumped at the chance to review a newer product.

The Alexia Artisan Sweet Potato Rolls are a frozen precooked roll made from wheat flour, whole wheat flour, and sweet potatoes as their main ingredients. This healthy alternative to white rolls gives you the health benefits of wheat and whole wheat flour as well as sweet potatoes which are high in fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein and vitamins a and c.

Sweet Potato Rolls Before Baking

Sweet potatoes rank above common potatoes in nutritional value and are one of the best starchy vegetables out there for nutritional value. Sweet potatoes are great for you and gettingĀ more to eat than the traditional Thanksgiving dinner can be easy when you look to frozen foods like Alexia.

The Alexia line of frozen breads runs from traditional white bread rolls to the new sweet potato rolls which are tasty and give a break from the common and everyday white bread. I used the Alexia Artisan Sweet Potato Rolls as a common side to a regular meals as well as a roll for some tuna sandwiches and a tasty dessert.

Sweet Potato Roll Tuna Burgers

Bread pudding with the sweet potato rolls and a couple slices of a honey wheat bread tasted great with the sweeter aspect of the sweet potato rolls and only required baking the rolls before continuing the bread pudding recipe. The rolls themselves taste great as a simple side to a dinner or lunch and give a new and tasty change to an everyday meal but can really spice up recipes.

Using them in sandwiches and various recipes like bread pudding can add a taste that changes those recipes in subtle ways to add some spice and taste to your dish. The sweet potatoes give a slightly sweet taste which is also from the added dried cane syrup which is the only added sugar for a natural sweetness.

The Alexia Sweet Potato rolls are not going to make an unappetizing meal suddenly more palatable but they can add that special something to enhance a meal. The Sweet Potato Rolls can even be used for breakfast as they are a sweet addition to any meal or even as a simple snack that can be quick if you have leftover rolls.

Sweet Potato Rolls for any Meal

The Alexia Artisan Sweet Potato Rolls come in a 10.5 ounce package which contains seven rolls which seemed like an odd package size to me and does require freezing. The rolls are baked for 12 minutes to go from frozen to ready to eat and piping hot for fresh baked rolls that are a tasty addition to any meal.

I highly recommend the Alexia Sweet Potato Rolls which cost about $4 but I could not find them at local stores, I am hoping they will be available in more local stores soon.

Artisan Sweet Potato Rolls @ Alexia Foods

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