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Just a little explanation about my product reviews and my Jeffs Reviews website.

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First a little legalese, I receive products for review and have a material connection with the manufacturers, marketers and/or publishers who I receive the products from in that I receive the products but only for the review. I do not get paid for my product reviews from any of the companies or whomever I receive the products from, I am reviewing them using my own opinions without any influence from anyone in my ratings and reviews.

I do receive payment on my site through Google Adsense as well as from my Reviews being published at Yahoo and Examiner but this is for page views and publishing the articles, not for promoting the products. Yahoo and Examiner does not have any connection with my product reviews other than a place to publish the reviews and any other connection between those sites and the products I review does not involve my reviews or my writing.

I perform product reviews on computer hardware and software, video games and movies, consumer electronics, tools, books and just about anything else I can get my hands on. To explain why my ratings may be toward the higher end I only ask for things I am interested in reviewing and would actually pay for, I don’t ask for things that I am not interested in. I don’t want to waste my time with things that are cheap and I wouldn’t want to waste my money on or things I am not going to like such as movies others have rated as very bad.

I am trying hard to review things honestly and with an eye toward giving my advice whether you should look into purchasing the items I am reviewing so I do take awhile to review the products I receive. I will try my best to be honest and objective and give my opinions from my experience with the product as well as what others say about them as I always check out the products on the internet as well.

New Product Reviews Rating System:

I have changed my review rating system from a percentage count to a five star rating that is used more often on the internet. I use this system because more sites and people use it and understand it a bit better as welll as doing some reading and research about the subject. After performing so many reviews I figured that a percentage system is weighted without meaning to be, I have read on the internet at several sites that when rating a product or service using a 100 percent rating scores tend to be higher due to the very system being rated with.

A five star rating is easier to understand and use for people so I am chnaging my system to a five star rating. When figuring the scores for the oufr categories I give a score to each section based on the following chart:

1 Star : Bad, the worst something can be, not worth even looking at muchless buying.

2 Stars : Fair, but not totally worth discounting, especially when there are few of this kind.

3 Stars : Average, worth looking at but try comparing with others.

4 Stars : Very Good, not the best but well worth a purchase

5 Stars : Excellent, as good as it gets

When figuring out the overall rating I may add or subtract to the average of the individual ratings to give a better overall opinion of the product.

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