A Monster in Paris Blu-ray Review

A Monster in Paris Blu-ray Review

A Monster in Paris Blu-ray Review

Emile and Raoul release a scientist’s concoction on an unsuspecting flea to create a monster that “terrorizes” Paris but in the end he’s a better singer than a monster in A Monster in Paris.

Film making 3/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 0/5

Recommendation 3/5 Stars

A Monster in Paris Blu-ray Review

Emile is a romantic projectionist who has fallen in love with Maud, the ticket taker while his best friend Raoul is smitten with his childhood friend Lucille who is a cabaret singer. When Raoul is delivering some peat to a scientist botanist Emile tags along and they accidentally mix chemicals the botanist was working on and turn a flea into a seven foot tall creature.

The flea at first only jumps around but this terrorizes the city and when commissioner Maynott investigates he uncovers the truth behind where the monster came from. Lucille meets the flea when he is searching the city for a place to hide and they form a fast friendship when the flea sings to her.

Lucille hides the flea using disguises from the cabaret and introduces him in her show but Maynott is hot on the trail of the monster as well. Emile and Raoul unwittingly lead Maynott to the flea but try to fool the public and Maynott into thinking they destroy the flea by using an antidote.

Maynott sees the trap door the flea used to hide when Maynott throws the antidote on the flea and tries to shoot the flea down. The chase ends with the flea returning to normal size due to the potions effects wearing off over time and returning him to his normal size.

In the end Emile and Maud get together, Raoul and Lucille who have been unsteady friends realize their love for each other and the botanist creates a new potion to return the flea back to his larger size. A Monster in Paris is a fun film but not exactly a big hit with its less French actors for many but the movie is worth a look.

A Monster in Paris is a pretty good film but being a French film to begin with something may have been lost in moving to America and English speaking actors. The films humor and even acting is a bit off but most of the movie is good with plenty of understandable jokes and light moments.

A Monster in Paris is a decent enough film and worth a look for its different story and decent voice acting while kids will surely like the tale of a big bug lost in our world. A Monster in Paris looks great and audio also worked well but the films transfer to Blu-ray was more of a quick transition than a labored transfer.

The film is entirely digital so transferring to Blu-ray was easy with a great resulting film that has the look and feel of an animated film that also recreates the world of 1910 France. The animation is great and even with a slightly muted color palette it does look great and without problems.

Audio is also well done without any apparent problems but the voice did seem a bit low compared to the ambient noises and music. The voice was clearly audible for the entire movie but lacked the necessary punch at times to bring it clearly to the front where it counts.

A Monster in Paris had no extras on the Blu-ray disc except for the trailer which amounts to no bonus features in my opinion. The film is good and kids are sure to enjoy A Monster in Paris but with no extras the film is the only thing here to enjoy.

A Monster in Paris is a bit of an odd duck but it is an enjoyable film and well worth a rental or even a purchase for a kids movie collection.

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