Dremel Trio Multi-Purpose Tool

The Dremel Trio is a multi-purpose tool for routing, cutting and sanding that takes the best of several shop tools in a hand sized easy to control Dremel device.

Ease of Use/Performance: 23/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 22/25
How much I enjoy 23/25 

Total: 92/100

Dremel Trio Multi Purpose Tool

The Dremel Trio is a new tool from Dremel that brings the best of routing, sanding and high speed cutting in one easy to use hand held device using a different sized bit. The Dremel Trio acts perfectly as a hand router, high speed rotary cutter and rotary sander all in one with a unique pivoting handle.

When I first received the Trio no stores nearby had it in stock, then a few had it and now you can buy it in just about every home improvement store along with a few bits. The bits of the Dremel Trio are the main concern as it has a different sized shaft than any other router and drill bits.

The Dremel Trio comes with the hand held Trio, straight edge guide, high speed cutter, mandrel with sanding bands, straight router bit, wrench, storage case, and manual. The Dremel Trio uses a 3/16 sized shaft that is unique to the hand tool so you need to buy bits only from Dremel.

The tool has two very different positions, straight much like the Dremel rotary tools and at an angle like a jigsaw for comfort and control in your particular job. You can use the tool like a router, high speed cutter and rotary tool for sanding just by changing bits and the handle swivels for optimum comfort and control.

Whats in the Box

The handle swivels easily and the chuck uses a wrench to tighten the bits in conjunction with a push button stop for the motor while the depth of the cuts adjusts with a thumb screw. The foot of the Trio is 4 1/2 inches by 3 inches and plastic to protect your work material and another smaller compact foot is available for purchase along with a dust port adapter.

The guide on the Trio has a dust port very near the blade and allows you to attach a vacuum to your tool to keep your job clean and viewable. The foot has a clear view of the bit from one side to keep your work area in sight but you also have the ability to remove the foot completely if you want to.

To use the Trio without the foot means you don’t have the flat stable surface but for cutting in walls for holes like electric outlets this works great. You can use the Trio to cut holes in a variety of materials like wood, plaster, plastic, tile and sheet metal using the various bits.

Trio w/ Edge Guide

You also have a straight edge and circle cutter that comes in very handy when using the Trio as a router or for sanding along edges. The circle cutter works well to help create near perfect circles for routing and cutting but like any use with the Trio this takes practice.

I have tried the cutting bit on my plaster walls and it works very well to cut through the hard plaster of my home as well as the wood lathe under it. I have worked on a few wood projects and practiced, very important, for a project for my wife which is a glass jar on a wood base.

With the router bit it was easy to cut a smooth straight line on the wood without using a straight edge guide in the wood plaque to rest the glass jar in. I then cut a hole in the middle using the cutting bit to run a Christmas light string through and use the jar as a decoration.

Rtio w/ Circle Guide

I was really impressed with the Trio as a router as it handled well and I was able to smoothly move the bit across the wood even when I went across the grain. The handle and light weight makes working with the Trio easy and having a vacuum pulling the wood dust away from the bit keeps your view clear.

Using the Trio for cutting on walls and other surfaces like PVC pipe is easy as you have the fast cutting bits that work well on a variety of surfaces. You can also install the sanding mandrel and the variety of grit sanding bands to sand edges of work surfaces like wood plaques and even edges of PVC pipe.

The larger and more powerful motor of the Trio over the rotary tools from Dremel and other companies means more power to cut better and smoother. The push button pivoting body design allows for a comfortable grip however you want to use the tool for all kinds of do it yourself and crafting projects.

Trio w/ Workpiece

While Dremel does not have a lot of accessories and attachments for the tool out yet there is promise in it with the variety that has already come out since its release. Currently the cutting bits, two routing bits and sanding bands work well for a good variety of projects and the tool does take the place of several other tools for a lot of jobs.

I was really impressed with the overall design of the Trio and it really does handle a lot easier than larger routers for routing edges and the cuts inside a work piece. I highly recommend the Dremel Trio to take the place of several power tools for routing, sanding and high speed cutting.

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