Campbell Hausfeld 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Every household needs a pressure washer and the Campbell Hausfeld 1600 PSI model is a great priced washer with all the features and basic attachments a homeowner needs.

Ease of Use/Performance: 19/25
Convenience/Storage 22/25
Appearance/Design 20/25
How much I enjoy 22/25 

Total: 83/100

Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washer

Campbell Hausfeld is a great company for a wide variety of air tools and related products that also specializes in pressure washers for both residential and business use. The 1600 PSI Pressure Washer uses common household electric with a special GFCI plug in for protection that makes a great residential pressure washer.

Model PW160500AV is the Campbell Hausfeld washer that I received that is a middle of the road model for household use but does include a bit more power than other smaller models. The 1600 PSI pressure washer connects to a household power outlet for its power and a household spigot using a garden hose for water.

The 1600 PSI washer comes with the pressure washer with its 35 foot electric cord, a 20 foot high pressure hose, fan lance with a detergent cup, cleaning tool, a garden hose coupling and manual. The washer has a clip that holds the lance and other tools as well as a hook type protrusion for hanging the hose on while the body works well for wrapping the power cord around.

To use the washer you have to connect a hose to the body of the washer and plug the washer in but first you need to look at replacing a part which only costs a few dollars. You have a coupling that connects your garden hose to the body of the pressure washer that is worthless so a stop at the hardware or home improvement store is necessary.

Whats in the Box

When you pick up your house wash or car wash, whatever detergent you need for your first washing job, you should also pick up a new coupling. Brass is preferable but plastic could also be used, the plastic swivel one that comes with the pressure washer is too cheap to use because it leaks a lot.

I purchased a simple brass fitting that fits on the outlet for the body and the garden hose but however you go you need a special adapter that goes from the male fitting on the body to the garden hose. You can purchase a swivel fitting for about ten dollars but a simple brass fitting with the correct sizes on each end costs about $4 for the simple solution.

I replaced the cheaper plastic swivel with a simple brass fitting so screwing the hose onto the fitting takes a little twisting of the hose before you screw on the none swivel end of your garden hose. I simply turn the hose several times to make sure when I have screwed the end of the hose on it is almost flat and in line, no kinks when I wander around with the washer.

The hose fitting also has a small plastic filter inside it to help keep debris out of the pump and washer so you need to make sure this stays put when you install the fitting. You should also make sure you use a rubber washer that will seal the edge of the connection against your fitting as it does have two flat  sides on the threaded connection.

Power Switch & Storage

To use the pressure washer you attach the garden hose and the high pressure hose, plug the GFCI plug into an outlet and flip the on switch which is protected under a rubber cover. The pressure washer will turn on but may not pressure up until you use it, when you pull the trigger on the fan lance it will go from the low pressure of the garden hose to the 1600 PSI of the electric pump.

The pressure washer can be adjusted from a pin point spray to a fan using the nozzle adjustment but there is no pressure adjustment for this model. The 1600 PSI washer has the power to take paint off of wood siding or metal poles and the finesse to clean a new car with detergent without ruining the paint job.

The needle like adjustment is great for taking off old paint from most any surface and can be adjusted wider and with less pressure for removing paint from siding down to cleaning a car. The wider spray is better for washing off decks and patios, Cleaning cars and outdoor furniture or even that grill with its burnt on greasy grime.

You can use the detergent bottle to spray down your projects with detergent for that complete cleaning that uses the back end of the lance with the bottle. The bottle attaches to the front end of the lance instead of the lance end and will have a gentle spray in a fan shape for use with detergent.

Hose Connection

The Detergent bottle holds about a pint of detergent that is enough to wash a good sized van or a good portion of the side
Of my house. I used a wash that is made for outdoor siding and simply sprayed down the siding and then switched to the wand to rinse off the detergent and dirt.

Car washing and just about any other items like a patio or grill can be done the same way but care must be used when washing anything so you don’t damage it. The sprayer can actually cut into wood and other items with the finer spray so you need to start using the fan and adjusting down from the wide open setting.

I have used the pressure washer to remove old paint from some old poles in my yard and it did very well for removing the peeling paint. I have also scoured grills clean of baked on food deposits that grills always get when used for those charcoal grills, they get real clean with a pressure washer.

I also ended up scouring my sidewalk in an interesting pattern under the grill so you should be careful about where you use the power washer as well. I suggest using a couple of cement blocks for holding items like grills and smaller things you need to wash and do this over dirt or gravel like a driveway.

Wand & Detergent Bottle

When using the pressure washer for large things like cars and homes you can get a lot of work done with the long power cord and high pressure hose without having to disconnect the washer. I can make it around two sides of my home which is about 44 feet by 25 feet so with the 35 foot power cord and 20 foot hose I can make it around half the house in one cleaning.

The Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer works very well and has the power to get most of a single story home and part of the second story for general cleaning. I could not really reach the eaves of the second story well to get the cobwebs out but a simple ladder got me the rest of the way.

When it does come time to get the peeling paint off prior to painting I will have to get closer with my extension ladder but general cleaning of my house works with a simple A frame ladder. The pressure washer is great for a household for simple jobs with a power outlet nearby and has the pressure to get most things around your home clean.

The Campbell Hausfeld 1600 PSI pressure washer makes a great household washer and costs about $145, can be found at home improvement stores and wherever Campbell Hausfeld products can be found. I know I sound like a commercial but I do recommend the Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer for a great household washer for cars, the home and more.

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