Princeton Tec Spectrum Fuel Headlamp

Princeton Tec Fuel headlamps come in a customizable design called Spectrum where you can choose colors of the parts of the headlamp for a unique and individualized headlamp that includes the four LED light at its core.

Ease of Use/Performance: 23/25
Convenience/Storage 21/25
Appearance/Design 22/25
How much I enjoy 24/25 

Total: 91/100

Princeton Tec Spectrum Fuel Headlamp

Princeton Tec is a lighting company creating unique and sturdy lighting solutions for outdoors, tactical, diving and much more with more than thirty years in the business. Scuba, Outdoor, Bike, Industrial and Tactical are the product categories you can choose from and the company does sell to a wide range of customers.

Princeton Tec lights are shown in use by the U.S. Army Rangers but you do not really find a lot of agencies or units bragging about which headlamps, helmet lights or tactical lights they use. The company also offers headlamps and lights for more average customers for climbing, diving and other uses but you can purchase the entire line of lights from Princeton Tec.  

The Fuel and Remix headlamps come in a customizable build program where you can choose the lamp configuration between the two designs and the color scheme of all the different parts of the lamp. The Fuel headlamp I ordered has four LED lights across the front of the swivel headlamp while the Remix headlamp has a three group and one MaxBright main LED light.

The Spectrum is the customizable program for the lights but the Remix light is not yet available while the Fuel can be customized and ordered now at the Princeton Tec website for $35. The Fuel can be ordered with a different color for the door, body, button, arm, end cap, bracket and strap which I did order and received with a $7 shipping charge.

Whats in the Box

The door, body, arm, end cap and bracket are the slightly flexible plastic parts of the headlamp and come in ten different colors while the button and strap comes in two colors. The body and parts of the Fuel are not a cheap plastic but feel like some sort of composite material that is tough but I am not sure exactly what material it is made from.

The main parts of the light are the push button switch with five modes for the four LED lights, the snap shut door that is opened using the head straps buckle and the rotating light attached to the bracket. The light swivels around the bracket so when worn you can turn the light for the best angle while wearing on your head.

The strap that the light comes with is adjustable from a large loop that easily fits over my head without much stretching to a small loop that fits my upper arm. The headlamp fits into the bracket and does not slip off so using the light as a headlamp works very well.

Two specific jobs I have used the headlamp for is filling insulation around my foundation wall as well as working on my car which are both great uses for the headlamp. The Fuel uses three AAA batteries which are inserted into the side of the headlamp under the door and you can use the headband buckle to open the door.

Battery Installation

The Fuel is not a waterproof light but it can be dunked and rained on but is not designed for underwater use, it is water tight but not water proof. The door fits closed tightly and can handle keeping water out but it is not designed as a diving light which is a more expensive feature.

The rubber on/off and selection switch is water tight and will have no problem keeping water out of the body of the light but the door does not have a rubber seal that is common to water proof lights. The light has four settings; high, medium, low and flashing for a good range of uses for camping, adventuring and working around the home and garage.

While I have not used the headlamp while camping or in the great outdoors it does make an excellent light for home improvement jobs and working on the car as well as working inside a computer. A simple light that is light and bright enough to use in pitch dark alone for seeing important things like the parts you’re working on and the area around you.

The swivel allows you to direct the light where you want it and the tough band keeps the light on your head while working like the insulation I was applying to my basement. The lamp stayed in place even when crawling around and near the floor joists and having to duck and work amongst the hard to reach areas near my foundation and in odd places.

Spectrum Fuel on High

I was installing pieces of foam insulation and spraying expanding foam sealant so I needed to get in odd places between joists. I also used the headlamp while doing some car work home improvement projects and in my main work inside my computers. While working on all the various tasks I had no problems with the headlamp getting in the way or being annoying because it is light weight and stays put on my head.

The light is partially water tight and I did a few tests, dunking the light in my sink of dishes several times to make sure it stayed water resistant. I put a rolled up piece of toilet paper in the battery compartment and repeatedly dunked the light in my sink and found no water inside at all.

The light works and works well, I am confident it will continue to work not only from my testing but from the wide array of reviews I have found that also praise the durability and general no nonsense headlamp that works well. The customizable headlamp allows you to choose the colors and scheme you want to create an individual light that will be uniquely yours.

I highly recommend the Princeton Tec Fuel headlamp as a sturdy well designed head light and the Spectrum customization is a great way to make this light your very own.

Princeton Tec Website