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Dremel Saw Max

Dremel adds to their lineup of home improvement tools with the Dremel Saw Max that is a 3 inch mini-circular saw with blades designed to cut through wood, metal and tile.

Ease of Use/Performance: 20/25
Convenience/Storage 23/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 24/25 

Total: 91/100

Dremel Saw Max

The Dremel Saw Max is a new tool that uses a 3 inch circular cutting blade on an adjustable cutting face or platform that adjusts the depth of the blade. The blade can be barely scoring the material to cutting through 3/4 inches of material so this is much more for precision cuts than rough cutting like a larger circular saw would.

The Dremel Saw Max comes in two kits but one of the kits with the miter guide does not seem to be available yet, the kit I received has the saw, a 2x4 guide, a vacuum adapter, four blades and a hex key along with the instruction manual. The corded tool uses a worm drive to connect the motor to the blade getting the drive turned to the blade direction so the body of the tool is behind the blade area.

Having the motor in the handle allows for better precision and handling but you do get a little twist to the tool when turning it on due to the torque. The 6 amp motor really allows you the power to cut through a wide variety of materials including metal, plastic, wood, concrete and tile.

The 3 inch blades come in a multipurpose, multipurpose flush cut, metal, masonry and tile variety but the kit I received, SM20-02, does not come with the masonry blade. The kit also comes with a dust port vacuum adapter and a 2x4 guide that allows you to cut thicker pieces like 2x4 studs using a cut on both sides.

Whats in the Box

The blade only cuts to a depth of 3/4 inches so to cut anything all the way through that is thicker than this you need to perform a cut on each side. This of course only works for things that are twice as thick as the 3/4 inch and that does include a 2x4 because the actual measurement of a 2x4 is 1 1/2 x 3 1/2.

The Saw Max has a 5 inch by 2 inch foot or base with the blade to the extreme side of the foot on the left while holding the tool in your right hand. The base allows you to hold the tool flat on your cutting surface for a straight cut but also allows you to cut close to the edge of the foot, especially using a flush cut blade.

There is a slot toward the back of the foot or base that is for attaching a straight edge guide through the slot on the side of the foot. There is also a hole on the blade side that goes through the body of the front of the saw max and comes out the right side that is the attachment point for the vacuum adapter.

The adjustment for the foot for depth is also on the right side that allows from zero to the 3/4 inch depth with a simple rotating lever that locks the adjustment. There is also a depth guide near the lever so you can adjust the depth using the angle or depth marks.

Saw Max & Vacuum Adapter

The power switch for the Saw Max is a unique safety switch that requires you to flip a lever over on the switch before being able to press in the large power switch. There is also a hold button to keep the saw max running even if you take your hand off the power switch which would make a great way to keep the tool on while if it is mounted on a table.

There are two holes with screw threads on the side and foot of the tool that I am guessing is for attaching accessories or for attaching the tool to a table. Using the Saw Max mounted to a table would make an excellent table saw for smaller stock like those used for crafts and hobby projects. 

Using the tool is pretty easy and only took me a couple of practice tries to get the hang of starting the tool up and getting used to the torque. The 6 amp motor has plenty of power to allow you to cut through tough metal and concrete so when you start it up you have to use a good grip.

It is not so powerful that it will jump out of your hand but a firm grip on any power tool is recommended when using them so you don’t hurt yourself or damage anything. The switch also takes a bit of getting used to as I have never had to flip and hold a lever to run a power tool but it is easy to use.

Regular & Flush Cut Blades

The vacuum adapter allows you to easily attach a shop vac or other vacuum to the front of the tool and keep a clear work area but the adapter only fits with pressure. I found a few times that the adapter or the hose came out of the adapter but it was pretty easy to get used to the hose while using the tool.

As some testing I took the tool around my garage and cut up scraps and pieces of things like concrete block, tile and sheet material like wood and plastic with ease. The blade is as fast to change out as a circular saw but easier to handle due to the smaller size.

You have a hex bolt holding the blade in under a washer and it is easy to get off but you have to remember that the screw is a left hand thread so to unscrew it you have to turn it in a clockwise direction. This may be hard to remember except the blade turns in the same direction as it takes to loosen the screw and there is an arrow on the tool and the blades.

The tool has a smaller turn radius than a circular saw even though it is not really recommended to do curved cuts all that much with a circular saw. I was actually able to cut a 1 by 12 for my front porch that had a curve on it when fixing my stairs before painting my house.

Using the Saw Max

Other projects like cutting some cabinet doors to turn them into window covers for my basement windows made fast work of the 3/4 inch thick wood edges and thinner center panels. I also had an easy time cutting off an annoying guide from the old sliding door that used to be on my garage floor.

We have a common overhead door on our garage but there used to be sliding doors and the bottom of the doors had a metal guide that is sunk into the concrete in the middle of the door. This stud of metal that is about an inch tall is right in the middle of the garage door so kicking and tripping on it has been a constant hazard.

I finally got around to removing it while wandering around my garage looking for things to cut to pieces, using the flush cut multipurpose blade the metal bracket was soon gone. I also cut some pieces of tile, concrete and brick with the tile and multipurpose blades working well for these.

If you have any larger projects like one I will be tackling next year when the weather warms up you may want to buy some extra masonry blades for more than just a couple of cuts in brick or concrete. I will be removing my chimney that is no longer used because I had the old boiler replaced with an energy efficient one that vents out the side of my house.

2x4 Guide & Saw Max

I will be using the bricks from the chimney for a charcoal fireplace/grill and will see how well the tool works on numerous cuts of brick. I did cut a brick in half using the multipurpose bit by grooving it on one side and tapping a chisel in the groove to split the brick. It was not a smooth cut but it worked well and I could always use the rough side for an inside part of my brick face instead of an outer surface.  

I am very pleased with the performance and power that the Saw Max has and am very happy with the results from the powerful tool. This is definitely a useful tool and one I can easily see using numerous times as I already have for small and larger jobs around my home, especially during my house painting project.

The Dremel Saw Max that I received for reviewing costs about $130, I could not find the kit that has the blades and the miter guide online though. You can buy the guide separately for $20 as well as the other blades and the 2x4 guide or the vacuum adapter at Dremel’s online site and other websites.

Replacement blades are readily available from stores like Home Depot and Sears as well as online at plenty of sites and cost about $20 each. Other saws like the Rotozip multipurpose saw or the Rockwell mini-circular saw costs about the same as the Saw Max and replacement blades are also a comparable price.

I highly recommend the Dremel Saw Max for a convenient and handy small circular saw that does a great job for all those odd jobs and especially for trim work around the home.

Dremel Saw Max Website