TVersity Media Server Pro

TVersity is a media streaming service that connects with Hulu, You Tube, Netflix and other media sites as well as your network to deliver content to your television through a gaming console.

Ease of Use, Performance: 21/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 89/100


TVersity is a media streaming program for video, music and other media from your computer to your gaming console and is available in two forms, a free edition and Pro version. The free version does not give you high definition (H.264) transcoding, premium web content like Hulu and a couple of other features.

TVersity works on your computer and stream media content through a gaming console like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or the Wii as well as other internet connected devices. You can use a DVD or Blu-ray player that connects to your network as well as other devices, check out the TVersity for more devices.

The free edition of TVeristy is well worth a look if you have a gaming console in your home and you want to stream media to your TV and to check out the service. The main reason to get a streaming software is to watch media on your television that you would not normally get.

This is the single best product I have seen and tried yet for getting movies and content to the PlayStation 3 and my TV without having to run through hoops. The TVersity is a simple to use program on both the computer and the PS3 or Wii gaming consoles.

TVersity Settings

Viewing pictures or watching short videos may not be enough to purchase a streaming program but watching shows from Hulu or Netflix is. I love to watch some drama and especially science fiction films, while writing this I am watching The DaVinci Code streamed from You Tube onto my office PS3.

TVersity streams media from a computer that is connected to the internet so you do need a network setup and a computer with at least a decent processor.  A current processor like a Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz is a recommended CPU but a dual core or more would make the system run very well.

Installing the TVersity utility and associated codecs for streaming is simple and took only a few minutes with both download and installation. The utility is simple to use for almost all videos and anything that uses RSS feeds is easy to add to your listed content.

The TVersity program has four main pages: Guide, Library, Status and Settings with every one pretty much what you would expect with the Library page the most important. The settings changes things about the media server and Status shows what is available to stream like hardware while Guide is a quick peek at popular content.

In the Library page is a list of available content type and sites on the internet to stream media from as well as a place to list and change all your media. You can simply go to a video and copy or drag the URL or internet address of the video or content to add it to the Library.

Library Page

Hulu, BBC and other premium content sites, especially ones with RSS feeds are simple to add to your Library and will update as your content is updated. In Hulu this works right along with your queue and seems to have been designed with this type of setup in mind as its works very well.

Other sites and content do not work automatically as you have to add individual shows by dragging or copy then pasting addresses which works but not as well as the Hulu type content. You can add content on Hulu using your queue or using favorites and if the software is not working on the gaming console you simply update the system with the update button.

The server program does not use a lot of system resources and you do not need to have the actual TVersity program running, the server program runs in the background. I saw very little resources on my system being used, only about 20 to 30 percent total for CPU and much less for memory.

For general internet videos and content I have had no problem running things off my desktop that has a quad core processor but even with my test system and a dual core 2.6 GHz processor things run just fine. Streaming is smooth and only a few times is there a problem but this has happened with every streaming service I have used form time to time.

TVersity does have its drawbacks but it also is a fantastic way to get content like Hulu to your TV through a gaming console, the Wii PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 all worked just fine. I highly recommend TVersity as the perfect media streaming service to get your favorite video to your TV through a gaming console or other internet ready device.

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