Caelo Neo Pro 5 Email Organizer

Neo Pro 5 is also known as Nelson Email Organizer and it simply and easily allows you to search and organize your Outlook emails making search and other features easy and quick.

Ease of Use, Performance: 18/25
Look & Feel: 18/25
Features 20/25
How much I enjoy 21/25

Total: 77/100

Neo Pro 5

Nelson Email Organizer Pro 5 is the newest Email organizer from Caelo that installs as an add on program to Microsoft’s Outlook to help you search and organize your emails. Neo Pro 5 is a simple and easy to use program but is not for casual email use, it is a professional organizer and search tool for serious email users.

Neo Pro 5 installs as a separate program and immediately imports all your Outlook emails into its program and catalogs everything. Neo Pro 5 works with Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 and previous versions and is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

The program works in concert with Outlook and is better used whenever you open Outlook as it integrates and uses Outlook all the time. The program actually copies everything in Outlook and organizes all your emails for you but in a different and better way than Outlook.

Searching is incredibly fast and organizing is much better with many more options than Outlook gives you but there are some drawbacks to Neo Pro 5 as well. I had some errors while using it that I could not figure out but they did not seem to have much effect on the program after I restarted my computer.

I also had a problem with getting it installed on one computer but after that one crashed on me and I built a new one I had no problems installing it on another system. I have used Neo Pro 5 on three systems and it seems to work just fine on all of them but I still do get an occasional error.

Installing Neo Pro 5

When you first install Neo Pro it will copy or catalog all your emails and allows you to organize them how you want like by name, company, sender, Date, and many more. You can change the organization on the fly whenever you open it so the one file system you start with is not the one you have to keep using.

A Hot, Bulk Mail, Category, Status, Date and Attachment catalog system is available for quick use or you can create your own category method to organize the emails in the program. You can use any of these systems to view or work with your emails or just use the normal Outlook folders but there is much more Neo Pro does.

The program searches for emails by whatever you want just like Outlook does but in mere seconds instead of the seconds to minutes I have seen Outlook take. Every time I have used the search tool in Neo Pro 5 it gives my results in a second or two instead of the sometimes minutes Outlook can especially when its synchronizing folders.

You can adjust the entire page view of Neo Pro how you want but if you undock boxes the program can have problems, this never happened to me but there is a warning about it on the Neo Pro website. There are some other small issues with Neo Pro 5 and one is the website of the company, I could not find an easy contact email for support but did eventually get a hold of them through their sales email.

The company seems to have everything you need from tutorials and help but this is more of a professional program and not a simple Outlook add on for casual home use. The simple and very fast search function is the single most obvious feature but good organization and being able to do things that Outlook cannot makes it a great tool for business use.

If you have a very full set of Outlook folders and have a hard time finding the emails you want getting an additional program to help you organize and find what you need much faster may be worth the extra cost. Neo Pro 5 costs $50 but for a business strength Outlook add on this may be what you need for faster searching and better organization of your emails.

Check out Neo Pro 5 from Caelo with the free trial and see if it will help you tame your email organization problems and search for emails faster than Outlook can.

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