Kaspersky PURE Total Security

Kaspersky PURE is a total security suite for anti-virus, back up, parental control, anti-spam and much more that is easy to use and set up with a good integration to other programs like email and Windows itself.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 89/100

Kaspersky Pure

Kaspersky PURE Total Security is a security suite to protect you from the evils of the internet and all those that would do your computer, email and other information harm. The suite has plenty of areas that it protects you and your family including spam blocking and anti-virus for email and internet, total security with a firewall, parental controls to protect little ones and much more.

The Kaspersky PURE Total Security has a lot to offer and does work well from installation and daily use to those occasional full system scans you should be performing at least once a week. To see all the areas you are protected by the suite looking at the simple interface that opens when you click the taskbar icon is misleading.

The PURE Security suite has the separate sections of real-time protection using firewalls, anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-malware protection and the other protections that allow integration of other programs into its security protection. Password management, anti-phishing, parental control, backup and restore with or without encryption, home network control and gaming mode for pausing of updates and notifications while gaming are the main features.

The Kaspersky PURE suite of protection does include all you need for home security on your computer and home network but I am not equipped to test some of the features. I will not be testing the actual anti-virus ability as far as testing against known viruses or other types of unwanted computer bugs but will be giving results of other testers.

PURE Protection Menu

I will be using the program, have been using it for a month, and will show my experiences as well as check out and report the anti-virus and other protection tests others have conducted. My main focus on this review is a user who like you wants an easy to use complete security suite that has a lot of features but is simple to use.

The Kaspersky PURE comes as a digital download or a disc version available at stores and can be for 1 to 3 computers with a year or two year subscription. The Kaspersky PURE program installs after a few minutes and requires a restart of your system, a lot of integration is done during installation.

Kaspersky PURE is a new software suite that has not been included on recent antivirus lab tests, the Kaspersky Security Suite 2011 has been tested and found to be an above average to excellent performer in anti-virus and anti-malware. The testing done by AVTest rated Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 as a 5.5 out of 6.0 for protection and a 4.5 out of 6.0 for repairing problems.

This type of testing is done using sophisticated software and common testing practices by an independent company who tests a lot of protection and security software. The testing is pretty good, above average by comparison to others, and is good enough to get the Kaspersky Security Suite a certification by the company.

PURE Backup

While this test did not include the Pure Security program in full it does cover parts of the same protection found in the other program that Kaspersky sells, the Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. Kaspersky does use the same anti-virus, anti-malware and spyware protection for both the Security suite and the newer PURE Total Security program.

Kaspersky PURE does a very good job at protecting computers from viruses, spyware and malware and this is proven by this type of independent testing. The AVTest employees throw bad things at computers that are protected by the security programs and see how the program detects them as well as how the program removes or quarantines them.

Other features also include password management and backup which are two major features that work very well, I have had no problems with the program backing up and restoring files like copies of my Outlook folders. Several features including backup, Password Manager, parental controls and Gaming Profile are off by default and require you to turn them on and set them up.

The Password Manager pops up a little box the first time you fill out a user name and password for a web page and then fills them in after that every time you visit the same page. The program stores these passwords under a Master Password you create when you turn on the Password Manager and has a setting for when you need to input the master password like after a time period on startup of the program or never.

PURE Password Manager

Parental controls are the usual site or content specific blocking for browsers as well as instant messaging blockage that is easy to use from the menus and descriptions. The Gaming Profile pauses all updates, scans and backups for PURE that is scheduled or starts during the full screen use of other programs for a good resource management feature.

This pause feature makes sure your gaming or other program use does not get interrupted by the popups of the Kaspersky program or any resource draining that scans and backups can have. I found the program when updating, scanning or backing up does drop the resources a bit from other programs but not in an appreciable way.

I can tell when the program is scanning, updating or backing up by the slight pause in opening my browser or going to web pages or fetching emails but it is not a large drop in time. There is a one or two second delay from the normal operations so it is noticeable but not like other programs where there is up to five or ten seconds of a delay.

Like I said it is noticeable, that something is taking a bit longer feel, but not even a worry or hassle when doing other work but the Gaming Profile does come in handy especially when gaming. I usually just have my scans and backups scheduled to run at times like my dinner or evening when I usually watch TV, Hulu or a movie.

The PURE program has a wide range of helpful features along with the main ones for blocking spam in your email, anti-phishing in email and anti-virus programs like history and unused information eraser. While many think the only reason to erase your tracks of your browser history is to hide where you’ve been it is also important to get rid of this information because it will accumulate and start to build up junk files on your system.

Other unnecessary files like temporary files from your browser and Windows are also nice to periodically erase so they don’t start to waste disk space. Kaspersky PURE also has file deletion using a selection of overwriting methods you can choose from to ensure deletion and complete erasing of important files like tax records or even whole old hard drives you are replacing.

Kaspersky PURE does have a lot of features both major and minor, it truly is a one stop security suite that adds a lot of functionality into one program. These days security and other tools like backup and network control are important aspects of total computer security and it is very handy to have all these features in one place.

I have been using the PURE suite for over a month and have been very pleased with all aspects from installation and use as well as integration for programs like the Outlook anti-spam and browsers for the Password Manager. PURE adds explanations right to the pages and popups as well as makes things quite easy for basic computer users to get a handle on all the security they need and want.

The day to day use of the program is the thing that impresses me the most and makes the most impact on me by actually not having to mess with the program much at all. Kaspersky PURE is a fantastic suite of security, protection and additional tools for your home computer and network to make a one stop shopping for all your needs.

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