Chief Architect Home Designer Professional 10

The newest edition of Home Designer Professional has been released by Chief Architect for both professional and do it yourselfers that include full home design, interiors, decks and landscaping all in one package.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 25/25
How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 97/100

Home Designer Professional 10

Chief Architect has several home design software choices for not only home interiors but the outdoor areas around our houses for full and partial sets of design software. The Home Designer Professional 10 is the full set of home design software for everything from your home’s interior including the appliances and fixtures to all the areas outdoors.

Home Designer Professional 10 also includes full exterior design including sidewalks, driveways, decks and landscaping like trees, plants and outdoor furniture. The Home Designer Pro 10 has full sets of common furniture and additional new ones that people have asked for like pools, media centers and atriums.

The program has some interesting new features but the main great home design program is here from previous versions, only added on and made better through improvements. The main new feature of multicore processor improvement means faster changes from 2D and 3D views and movement is smoother in those 3 dimensional views.

This is one area that is greatly appreciated as the smooth movement for viewing your rooms and the faster transition from one view to the next really improves general design. Several of the other improvements are not program altering fixes but general additions that improve the overall program and performance.

3D View

New features of this edition include 3D view optimization for multi core processors, multi room editing plus additional half, invisible and custom wall types. The new features may not mean a lot of additional new functions but if you are looking for a fully featured and well tweaked home design software Edition 10 is it.

The main function of designing a home is here with plenty of features that really make this program worthwhile not only for designing a home but making blueprints for home improvements and just getting those designs from your mind onto paper. The program is easy to pick up and get working without having too much in the way of tutorials or help and is very intuitive.

Once you have the general idea of how things work getting more complex designs and features onto your design is pretty simple, the program has plenty if built in help if you need it. I found that not only basic placement and use of features is simple but the general layout and use of almost any feature is pretty simplistic and almost self explanatory for the most part.

It’s only on more complex placements and altering of things like stairs and getting the stairs to work in the program like they are in my home that took a little effort. Mostly the program does exactly what anyone who has the yearning of putting down on paper or on their computer what they dream to live in or what the currently live in.

Easy Floorplan Design

I really had no problems getting my home design down on the program, the main problem I had was taking measurements down on paper and then moving to my computer and getting them onto the program. A laptop would have been nice with the program running so I could measure and make additions and corrections right in the program without all the moving around my home.

Home Designer Professional 10 has some decent system requirements with a 2.4 Ghz processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM for a manageable system even on a good notebook computer. With a single core processor the program would run fine and with additional cores your experience will be that much better.

Chief Architect’s program is a lot easier than you would imagine, with a CAD or other program you have a natural learning curve but with all the programs I have used from Chief Architect they are all much easier. You can actually have walls, windows, doors and other simple to place objects down on your design within minutes instead of having to watch tutorials.

Editable Designs

The tutorials include some more difficult things and general helps but the main process of picking your property, putting down basic objects and having your project off the ground is really simple. Picking some harder construction points like roofs styles and stairs does require a little experimentation and help but you really can get the more complex things like turns on stairs and different roof styles down.

Whether you’re redesigning a home, needing a quick drawing for permits or wanting accurate but easy drawings of your new or existing home the newest edition of Home Designer Pro contains plenty of easy to use features. The smaller editions like landscaping and Interiors are partial programs that feature specific areas while the Pro edition contains all the homeowner would need for both inside and outside the house.

Chief Architect has a solid home design program in Home Designer Professional 10 and this is one program I have no problem giving a solid recommendation for.

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