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Poser Pro 2012

Poser Pro is the 3 dimensional modeling, character creation and animation software tool for creating your very own animated movies, clips and game content that is easy to use and comes with base content and tools to render animated scenes.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 90/100

Poser Pro 2012

Poser Pro 2012 is the latest release of the animation software that also models 3 dimensional objects and characters in an easy to learn and use software suite. Poser Pro is an industry wide leader in animation and modeling which includes a set of free 3 dimensional models including characters and objects.

The software is created by Smith Micro and includes a lot for the price but this kind of software is never cheap, Poser Pro 2012 costs $500 or $200 as an upgrade from a previous edition. System requirements are pretty high as you would expect from an animation program but is optimized for multiple core and 64 bit computers.

Characters are created from the bones up and animated by moving joints and parts of a body but with new weighted maps you can more realistically move a character. New features like Frame Object and Orbit help keep the center of attention on the current object you’re working on but the program overall is a marvel.

I have never used 3D animation software and was clueless as to where to go other than tutorials that are part of the Poser Pro website. While I did not create a fully-fledged animation like I had wanted I got to play around and have fun with a scene that worked pretty well.

Basic Character

It actually came down to the amount of time I could spend with the program and how I just don’t have enough to actually get the scene to the point I wanted. I was able to insert a character and dress it as I wanted as well as worked out a path for the person to walk pretty easily.

I wanted to have the character walk toward a Star Trek shuttle and part way there look down to see their red colored uniform and balk at entering the shuttle. Once the character walked behind a curtain the uniform would be changed to a more character lasting yellow shirt before entering the shuttle.

I did get the characters shirt to change and to walk past a curtain but I just got to where I was spending too much time on this review and wanted to move on. Poser Pro is easy to work with even with this animated software suite and works well for beginners but is a full-fledged creation suite for professionals.

The program is easy to use and learn which is a big plus for a complicated process like animation with the tutorials covering the basics and a lot of online help from users and forums get you the answers you need. The program is only the starter and the basics of what you need and if you have never used a program like this, tutorials and other help is a must.

My Animation

Poser Pro is easy to use and with all the help you will find that you can go from the basics of placing objects and characters to clothing them, adjusting features and animating them. While I only did the basics and did not get a complete video that is worth showing the program is easy enough to learn and simple enough to pick up and start an animation.

While I did not delve too deeply into Poser Pro with creating my own characters or full animations the program just takes so little to get used to for starters. The layout of the program and menu system with easy side menus for characters and your object library make adding anything simple using drag and drop.

The program imports all the image and sound file like AVI, background, Poser Documents and audio files to use in your animation or creation. The export function works well to use your image or creation in other programs like 3D Max or just for uploading and bragging about your great characters.

I see a lot of designs and images on sites like deviantART where users post and sell their artwork and Poser Pro is a frequent program that artists use to create portraits and scenes of lots of different things. Characters, fantasy heroes, comic book heroes and many other images are all over the net and Poser Pro is often the program used to create these types of works.

I had a lot of fun with Poser Pro but alas I have to move on to other reviews but the program is really worth looking into not only for animation but for artwork and character creation. I highly recommend Poser Pro 2012 for a fantastic animation and character modeling software suite that is easy to use with plenty of tutorials and help online.

Poser Pro Website