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Kasperky ONE Universal Security

Kaspersky is the leader in anti-virus protection for computers and the latest security suite they offer contains that award winning protection as a part of a full internet security package for both computers and other devices.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 23/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 91/100

Kasperky ONE Universal Security

Computers need a good deal of protection from viruses and malware among the many things that can infect a system but other devices are needing this same type of protection as well. Today tablets and smartphones can get infected and receive malware so Kaspersky now offers a package deal for protection of up to five devices from one suite.

Kaspersky ONE Universal Security is a five device security suite that includes antivirus, malware and spyware protection as well as help you maintain security and computer use. Firewall, parental controls and email spam blocking are all parts of Kaspersky ONE and you get protection for Windows and Mac PC’s, tablets and smartphones.

The program comes as a package with discs for Windows and Mac PC’s as well as a manual and instructions to load the protection to your smartphone or tablet. I installed the program on three computers and a tablet which was pretty easy and includes instructions and the registration code.

Your account and registering the program with their site allows you to control and track devices and codes for various Kaspersky products form the same website pages. Anytime you buy a Kaspersky product you will see it listed under your account and allow you to keep track of the devices you are using with what product.

Reports & Information on Threats

Kaspersky offers some award winning computer security and protection against viruses, malware, intrusion and much more but this suite offers protection for up to five devices. Kaspersky ONE Universal Security now offers protection for five devices but you choose which ones including Windows or MAC pcs, smartphones, tablets or blackberry devices.

The computer protection for Windows based PC’s is very extensive but the protection for MAC based computers is limited to antivirus protection. Smartphones and Tablets whether based on Android or Blackberry is some basic protection including antivirus and malware along with bad website blocking and warning.

Kaspersky ONE installs pretty quickly without a reboot but you should update the program just like any antivirus and security suite to get all the current protection. The program will take a few minutes to update and takes a variable time for a full scan which is something you should also do soon after installing.

Whether you install Kaspersky ONE on a Mac or PC, a tablet or a smartphone you should run a complete and full scan of the device to ensure it has no viruses or other bad things. The program installs easily and does not create much of a fuss integrating with things like Microsoft’s Office Outlook 2010 by just adding a simple Spam filter and asking what you want to catch for Spam mail.

Kaspersky ONE Network Monitor & Desktop Widget

Other integration includes adding some services to Windows and an advisor with virtual keyboard for browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The URL advisor is a secure aspect for web surfing to warn you of sites that include both virus or malware detection and other bad things that sites can introduce to your computer from the internet.

The program has several pages using a simple main window sand side scrolling menus with settings available for each section when you click on the heading. The program is very easy to use and includes help and an automatic default setting for many of the protections available but a few things will need some decisions from you.

Parental controls and other program sections work easily with some simple easy to understand settings but you also get some advanced settings like network activity and monitoring. The help and reports mean you can get information about threats and help with how to deal with them or simply what they are at the Kaspersky website.

I test the security suite and internet protect that my computer is using with a website called Shields up, a free site that tests various security aspects of your system. This site is a good detection site that will try to probe and intrude into your computer without actually doing anything bad if it does get in. Some people actually do things like this for free to help others and this site is a great one that is highly recommended by many to check your security.

Kaspersky ONE on Tablet

The Shields UP website advises that the current security on my computer is excellent as it cannot detect any open or closed ports or what actually is securing my computer. The website says clearly it cannot detect ports or NetBios on my system so it does not even know where to look to try and infiltrate my computer.

This is exactly the protection you want because if a potential intruder cannot even detect a system is there it cannot try to infiltrate the computer it cannot even detect. Kaspersky does an excellent job with this quick and free security check showing that the program is hiding your computer.

Tablet antivirus and other security features work well along with all the other features that come with Kaspersky ONE which you download directly from the Kaspersky website. During installation you enter an email address for account purposes as well as a number that acts as a security password to allow changes to the security program only by authorized individuals.

The program on a tablet will block and check for viruses as well as use an antitheft protection for GPS enabled devices and web filtering to block harmful websites. The installation only takes a few seconds but virus scanning may take a bit depending on what is on your tablet with more files and other things on your tablet of course taking longer to scan. 

Shields UP Results

The tablet security works well just like the PC program for a protection of all the devices you own and need this type of malware protection on. I have been using computers since I was in high school, about 20 some years ago, with several different systems and all kinds of different security programs.

When I first started using computers the only problem was viruses and along came other things like worms and Trojans and now they have lumped all those bad things together into what is termed malware. Protection against malware comes in several forms starting with the sites you visit and the programs you install on your computers and other devices.

Adding software protection like Kaspersky adds another layer of protection and prevention to help you not have to deal with or at least have some way to deal with threats like viruses and other malware. Kaspersky is the highest ranked protection from several different companies that test antivirus and other computer protection programs.

I highly recommend Kaspersky ONE Universal Security for more protection than other companies offer in one simple to use program for five devices.

Kaspersky Website