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Bitdefender Total Security 2012

Bitdefender Total Security 2012 is an all in one suite of internet and antivirus protection that includes a firewall, antispam and system tune-up programs for a full set of helpful and protective computer programs.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 89/100

Bitdefender Total Security 2012

Bitdefender Total Security 2012 is a great suite of programs that includes not only protection like firewall and antispam but also helpful programs that tune up your computer or help deal with files. Bitdefender Total Security 2012 is an improvement on the previous version and has the full system of protection that users need for their Windows based computer.

Total Security 2012 has the award winning antivirus software included with its suite of programs that also include a firewall, antiphishing and antispam programs for protection. Online protection includes a virtualized browser environment, website advisor and social network protection for a full suite of protection online as well.

Bitdefender Total Security 2012 is an easy to use security suite that has an automatic function for hands off defending against almost all threats called AutoPilot. AutoPilot is the default mode that Total Security Suite 2012 runs in for complete protection without having to set anything in the program.

Installation should only take a few minutes but includes a run of antivirus and scanning of your computer so the amount of time will vary according to how large a file system you have. The suite once installed will integrate with both Windows and internet programs as well as email for protection online and from threats introduced from hardware devices like flash drives or discs.

Firewall Settings

Once installed you should of course run a full system scan as well as familiarize yourself with the program but right off the bat the program is easy to use and runs without any attention in its default autopilot mode. Other than pointing the program to the appropriate folder during installation for where I wanted it the install went without a problem and never asked me for any help.

During the daily protection a number will appear on the AutoPilot Events icon when you open the main page of Bitdefender that shows how many threats were dealt with. The menu page when you open the program has four main icons across the front and scrolls to the next four with ten in all for the main suites and smaller icons above and below this main set.

The top of the page has the events icon, settings and the autopilot icons and some helpful links and information along the bottom for easy use of additional features. Each main section has settings and functions for each suite program and makes navigating the program easy without having to search for features.

Each section has slightly different features and functions but all have easy to find and understand features but even when in one section the side of the page has each section listed for quick access. The program is easy to use and even if you don’t know much about protection and the various features it is easy with the AutoPilot feature.

Bitdefender Social Media Security

The Bitdefender firewall silently protects against intrusion and attacks from the internet against your computer and network by detecting intrusions on your connection. Antivirus and antiphishing along with other features work well and have been tested to be the best protection available.

Bitdefender has been tested and has the highest score from which is a top virus and protection testing website and company that routinely checks protection software. The program has top ratings from several websites as well as almost top scores from all the main testing companies that check the performance of virus and protection software.

Antispam and Antiphishing are standout features where spam and phishing emails will be sent to a folder in the deleted items folder of Outlook if you use Office and similar email programs. You can check these emails out before deleting but if you simply empty the deleted Items folder it will also be emptied but the program does pretty well with detecting these trash emails.

You can also set the sensitivity level from aggressive, normal and permissive for a varied amount of detection as well as a few settings like blocking certain characters. The Spam setup also has a friends and enemies or spammers list with the ability to add or remove individual addresses.

Bitdefender Registry Cleaner

Bitdefender Total Security takes care of malware, viruses and other problems like warning about bad websites before you go there to prevent loading viruses or other malware. Bitdefender will block and remove what it can without any hassles from the user but a few times it may need help if things get bad.

Some viruses and really bad malware can need a bit more than full automatic hands off running and may even need to be run in safe mode called Rescue mode. In this mode the program will reboot your computer in a safe mode and find and deal with threats that it is not able to remove in the normal operating system mode.

I never had this happen to me so I am not sure of the exact experience but it is nice to have a mode that automatically works instead of having to create a rescue disc and deal with backups. The program does make use of backups but only the kind that allows you to store up to 2 gigabytes of files online in the cloud without any discs involved.

You can store files by folder at a secure cloud storage that Bitdefender lets you use for critical files like email backups or work files that are important. The backup system works great but it is by folder and not file type which is easy for things like email and document folders.

Other features like the Facebook and Twitter protection allows you to use social media without worries with filters for links and monitoring of privacy settings. The browser search advisor warns before you go to a website if there are risks on that site like viruses and malware before you risk actually opening the site.

There are also some programs that help tune up your computer like a registry cleaner and privacy eraser that helps keep your computer fit and working properly. There is a file shredder that completely erases files by writing over them to ensure files are gone and impossible to recover.

Bitdefender has a lot of protection and warning features and can really do a great job at protecting your computer even from yourself and your own folly. Bitdefender Total Security 2012 adds all the protection you need and comes from the company that has the best tested antivirus software available for consumers.

I highly recommend Bitdefender Total Security 2012 that has all the user friendly computer and internet security you need for your full protection. I had no problems using the Total Security Suite 2012 and found the suite of programs extremely easy to use without having to delve into the online help at all.

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