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ParaNorman Soundtrack

The ParaNorman Soundtrack is a fun and unique set of tracks from the film that follows Norman as he tries to save his town from the dead that are rising because of a dead witch.

Rating 3/5

ParaNorman Soundtrack

ParaNorman is the stop motion animated horror film from Focus Features and produced by Laika starring Kodi Smit-McPhee as Norman Babcock. Norman can see and speak with the dead which could be cool for an adult but as a school age kid finds life hard when no one believes him.

Jon Brion is the musician behind the soundtrack who composed, wrote and produced all the songs of the soundtrack. Jon Brion has been a writer, composer, producer and musician for years and has been noted for composing the soundtracks for Magnolia and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Jon has a lot of experience in composing and producing music as well as actually performing some parts of the music himself while mixing an orchestra for other parts of the soundtrack. Jon has a unique talent for being able to create some very appropriate music for films and has really worked a lot on this movie.

Jon created the fill in music used to set the mood during the actual filming and other parts of working on the movie from the voice acting to the actual editing and creation. ParaNorman is Jon’s first animated movie and is certainly not going to be his last after the great music used in this one.

The soundtrack does not have any vocals but uses instruments to set the mood for each scene and create the perfect background to the action going on in the movie. The sound track is quite low key and is interesting to listen to especially when you have not seen the film, I can only guess as to what is happening in each song.

There are sixteen tracks on the soundtrack with a little over an hours’ worth of almost horror like music but not exactly good music for entertaining at a party. Except of course a Halloween party, the soundtrack would make a great background track for a typical Halloween party for kids or adults.

Track Listing

  1. Zombie Attacks in the Eighties
  2. Norman at the Piano / Main Title
  3. Norma’s Walk
  4. Alvin Attacks
  5. Enter Neil / Mr P / Ghost Walk / Ghost Dog
  6. Goodbye Mr P / Historic Drama / Grounded / Heavy   Visitation
  7. Alvin Again / Scary Bedroom
  8. Norman Tries to Keep it Cool / Grandma’s Got Your Back
  9. Moth Rock
  10. The Dead Shall Be Raised
  11. Zombies Attack
  12. People Attack
  13. Are We There Yet?
  14. Aggie Fights
  15. Resolution
  16. Oh, and One More Thing

The sound track would make an excellent background set to sit back and enjoy a quiet evening while watching trick or treaters wander the neighborhood asking for candy. There really are no single songs that stand out all that much but that all help to create a mood that is perfect for a comedy/horror film.

I found the soundtrack interesting; kind of like listening to a movie without the voice and only having the music to gauge what is happening in the movie. Well that is exactly what it is, the movie soundtrack without any words so is exactly what you would expect as long as you’re looking for mood setting music.

The ParaNorman soundtrack does set a mood and would make a great background CD for Halloween gatherings or if you’re into those types of sound effects. I really could not see using this as an everyday soundtrack but kids would surely be interested as well after seeing the film.

The ParaNorman soundtrack is unique and a great one for the film but as a good entertainment cd this has its limits, check out the ParaNorman soundtrack at Amazon.

ParaNorman Soundtrack @ Amazon

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