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Even bending the law just a bit turns out to be a bad idea but ends up with good results when attorney Mike Flaherty finds himself the caretaker of young Kyle Timmons.

Film making 25/25
Video 24/25
Audio 23/25
Bonus Features 10/25
Total 82/100

Win Win Blu-ray

Mike Flaherty is an elder care attorney looking after the best wishes of people in their golden years but this is not exactly the high paying attorney position. Mike finds himself the attorney of a man who wishes to spend his last years at home even though he is a bit too forgetful.

When Mike volunteers to be the guardian of Leo Poplar the extra $1500 income that comes with the job is a prize Mike needs desperately. His office is in need of expensive repairs while his home life is revolving around the money he does not have.

The court allows him to become Leo’s guardian when Mike assures the judge that Leo wants to remain at home even though he does have some dementia. Mike says he can handle being Leo’s guardian but Leo finds himself at a nursing home as soon as Mike has arranged the paperwork.

This is not exactly what the court had in mind but as long as they never find out Mike is a bit better off each month but Mike soon finds he has more than he can handle. Leo has a daughter and a grandson but the daughter is not exactly on speaking terms with Leo.

Kyle shows up at Leos after leaving his mother who is in rehab yet again and wants to find a place to stay to sort out his own situation. Mike finds him on Leo’s doorstep and soon has a new house guest along with a new star wrestler for the high school team that Mike coaches.

Kyle winds up being one of the few people in Win Win who has almost everything under control and has a pretty clear idea of what he wants for his future. Kyle’s mother enters the picture to try and make some bucks off the situation so she gets a lawyer of her own to get money from her father.

Leo’s daughter finds out she was left out of the will and finds out Mike has put Leo into a nursing home when he is supposed to be living at home under Mike’s care. Mike settles the whole situation by making a deal with Kyle’s mother to let Kyle stay with Leo to help take care of him but she gets the money.

Mike winds up taking an extra job to make ends meet but he gets what he discovers he really wants out of the whole situation, a happy life for Kyle. Win Win is one of those rare films that everything clicks, great story and screen play, fantastic cast with award winning performances and fantastic direction to bring everything together.

Video and audio are very good bordering on perfect for the Blu-ray edition with better than the usual Blu-ray quality, good color and skin tone but overall the lighting gives the movie a great feel. The DVD release has the usual DVD quality but it still is an impressive looking film and well worth the purchase if you don’t have a Blu-ray player.

Video quality is impressive for a comedy/family friendly film that the Blu-ray version is a must have for this film over the DVD edition. Audio quality for both are about equal, good use of surround sound is also impressive but the Dolby Digital on the DVD is also very good.

I was very impressed with Win Win in many ways, so much that this is a must have film for any movie collection, great acting from a great story really makes this movie an entertaining film. Bonus content for both are the same lower quantity with audio commentary and a discussion about the film from several cast and crew.

The bonus may be a disappointment but the film itself is a hit and will be worth a purchase without a doubt, the only question you have is whether you get the Blu-ray or the DVD edition. The Blu-ray has the superior quality so that is the clear choice for this hit film, if you don’t have a Blu-ray player what are you waiting for?

Win Win is an excellent movie and will be a great film to break out from time to time during those quiet evenings at home or with the family during holiday get-togethers.

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